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MyPhone A919i Duo Review! The Return of a King!

MyPhone A919i Duo Review!
The Return of a King!




            I have been absent for a long time on reviewing rebranded phones, as I was still waiting for a worthy purchase, surprisingly, A919i came and its spec sheet was undeniably very impressive, with my trust on MyPhone at an all-time high, its time I came back to give you guys a Norman’s Random blend Review for A919i Duo. The new wave of next gen quad-cores is up and rebranded companies are picking up last year’s tech to wage war locally. MyPhone A919i Duo is one of the first Rebranded Quad-Core of today. Building its success over its Dual Core predecessor, A919i has come a long way for more or less only six months.
A few reviews ago, MyPhone A919 Duo may have well been the best Dual-Core rebranded phone out due to its amazing and impressive performance in most people’s daily activities. Now, MyPhone may have launched a Quad-Core later than other brands but it has been the best so far. If I was to compare local brands to international brands, I would say Cherry is Sony and MyPhone is Samsung. Cherry’s Flame 2.0 was not as amazing as I expected based on reviews so I did not get it. MyPhone A919i, on the other hand, packs quite a powerful punch so it is one of those devices that I wanted to have. With the One-Day sale, A919i Duo at P7990 is a definitive steal. Even at regular price I would say it’s still pretty much a bang for the buck. Why? Read on and find out.

1. THE PACKAGE (7.2 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX and Contents

The contents are basically the same with its predecessor with the absence of a CD. The headset is quite good.

2. PHONE SUPERFICIALITY (9.1 out of 10)

MyPhone A919i Duo does not have anything special in its superficial department but it’s no slouch. The front houses the 2MP Camera, the back is covered with an anti-fingerprint cover with a smooth feel and it also has the 8MP Camera which is protruded like its predecessor. The sides and top has the volume rocker and power button and USB port and 3.5mm jack respectively.
Overall, it’s nothing special but it does have a certain tingle and feel of a branded phone.


3.1 Display (9.4 out of 10)

            MyPhone A919i Duo sports a 720x1280 screen. And its display is sharp, crisp, bright and vibrant. I was amazed at this phone’s display; the 720p HD display really makes your screen alive. It has relatively good viewing angles and the texts below the icons look very sharp. It’s definitely no Note 2 (720x1280), but you will definitely appreciate the giant steps A919i made over its predecessors in terms of display.

3.2 Multimedia (9.6 out of 10)

MyPhone is definitely the superior brand in terms of Multimedia Playback, A919, A888, A848i have had the great, if not the best, audio quality. Its loudspeaker has a right maximum volume with good audio quality earphones attached. Its stock headset is a good one too. I have tested it using my Griffin Bolts Headset (My Staple for Review), and its sounds nice.

As for Video Playback, for the first time on all the rebranded phones I have used, I REPEAT, REBRANDED PHONES THAT I HAVE USED, MyPhone A919i has been the only one to play 720p videos smoothly. No lags or delays or whatsoever, I haven’t tested 1080p though but 720p videos up to 300MB has play fine thus far. Having said that, anything under 720p videos plays fine. You have to note that its stock video player is as unreliable as any stock player out there, except for Note 2’s stock, MX Player is your solution for video playback needs.

Browsing on a phone is also a great experience, Android has come a long way to deliver smooth browsing experience on a phone. Streaming, like YouTube, is no slouch either as it is as smooth and as beautiful as playing with standard videos.

3.3 Camera (9.2 out of 10)

The Camera offers an 8MP camera with options like 1MP. 1.3MP, 2Mp, 3MP and 5MP. The images are as expected, one of the best today for a rebranded phone. They come out nice and amazing and it has better image stabilization than A919 duo. It also has an HDR mode.
The Front-Facing camera shoots at 2MP resolution but it’s not as impressive. Still, it’s good enough for Skype and Jejemon self-shots. Haha

3.4 Gaming (8.9 out of 10)

Carrying a Mediatek MT6589 Processor, you can be sure A919i Duo is built to handle games. Mainstream games such as Temple Run 2, Pou, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, 2Fuse played smoothly. As for HD Games, I had a problem running NBA 2k13 but I did run the worst Gameloft Game to date, Iron Man 3, and to no surprise, it played smoothly, though loading times tend to be a bit longer than higher-end phones. Iron Man 3 played as well as I expected so other HD Games will probably run quite well. Though I have to note that with an a abysmal 1.77GB Internal Storage, you will need to purchase an External SD Card to play the likes of Spiderman, NOVA3 , Batman, etc.

3.5 Speed/User Friendliness/OS (8.5 out of 10)

MyPhone A919i runs Jellybean 4.1.2 out of the box, it’s very user-friendly and you can familiarize yourself in an hour or two. It is powered with the aforementioned Quad-Core Mediatek MT6589 Processor clocked at 1.2GHz which maybe the best for rebranded phones, a few months back it was MT6577 which was the superior one, browsing between screens is smooth. The 1GB Ram is something all of us wanted and MyPhone A919i gives us what we craved. Though I have to point out, it only has a 1.77GB Internal Storage which is barely useable especially for HD Gaming.

Of course one of the most important parts of being a phone for the world’s texting capital is its telephony and messaging. The messaging features the recent Android Keyboard which have the capability to learn how you text giving it a much more extensive predictive input via learning from texts, tweets, emails, and Facebook chats. The stock messaging keyboard also offers swiping gesture and an offline voice recognition, sadly, it does not have Filipino word recognition so you have to stick with English words. If you do not like the stock messaging app or the keyboard, again, the Playstore is your friend. Calling is also a delight as it is very simple to use and the speaker and mic are loud and clear.

Looking at Antutu A919i gave relatively high results. Quite amazing for a rebranded phone.

3.6 Battery (8.3out of 10)

            The battery of is good, as it definitely will last you a day. It has amazing idle battery drain value about 1% every 3 hours. Playing Games or multimedia playback may drain its battery but its powerful enough to hold for about a day. 4 Hours Video and 1 Hour Gaming takes approximately 50%. That is actually quite nice. Still, overnight Charging is a must.

3.6 Miscellaneous

            Aside from being one of the first ‘no talkshit quadcore’ (A quad-core that actually delivers, this isn’t a quadcore that is a quadcore for the sake of quadcore [Hindi ito Quad-Core na masabi lang na Quad Core, ang ganda ng performance nya]), MyPhone A919i Duo offers the same staple on MyPhone phones which add to the flavour. It has a MyPinoy App which has prayers and trivias and lots of Patriotic stuff, sadly, most of the files are missing. It also has a pre-installed MMDA app, which maybe useful every blue moon.


QUAD-CORE NG PINAS! (8.73 Out of 10) 

            MyPhone A919i may not have been the first rebranded Quad-core but it is definitely the one that has the right tweaks and power punch that will make your jaw drop. Great display, capable multimedia playback, respectable camera, above average battery life and the oomph of a Quad-Core touch that you will not be ashamed to show in public makes this phone a definitive bang-for-the-buck. At P7990, this phone is a steal, even at about P10k it’s still a nice phone for the price.
            MyPhone may not have as much airtime or hype or promos the same as with Cherry but they have continuously showed improvements that is actually significant and enjoyable. MyPhone takes time with their products and give consumers what they want. I’m just stating a fact, just look at Lemon Units that were rushed to customers by other companies only to be given a defective unit and a lame after sales service support.
            Putting that aside, MyPhone A919i Duo is a Norman’s Randoms approved and recommended Phone!
. Stay tuned for more!


  1. "this is phone is a steal?" really po ba? please po make some video demonstrating the durability of this phone. Don't misled people who are viewing your posts. thanks. hopefully you'll make a drop/stress test video of this phone.

    1. I can't recall the last time there was a blogger who purposely tried to drop their phone with the intention of breaking it for the sake of a review, especially when they buy it with their own money. Before you complain about this review being misleading, you might want to think about the possibility that your seemingly reasonable request is actually TOO unreasonable.

    2. The word "steal" means in dictionary form is "Good Deal". It does not pertains to the durability of the object.

    3. the reviewer used the word "steal" since My|Phone held a 2 day sale of the said phone for just 7990.
      regarding doing drop tests, please do consider that here in the PH, not most companies offer accidental damage plans which would cover deliberate damage on a unit.

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    5. the best way to know (so the you will not be "misled") is to buy your own own phone and drop test it yourself :)

    6. OMG hahahahahaha cant stop laughing I not sure if Raffy meant "STEEL" or really "STEAL".

      IMO Tanga lng po ang mag droptest ng phone for the sake of creating a review, lalo if bili nila sa sarili nilang pera.. Ano kaya mararamdaman mo if sinabihan ka "bili ka tapos ihulog mo sa sahig ng paulit ulit para malaman natin kung matibay nga?"

  2. Great unboxing and review. I'd like to know if there is a protective case, silicon case or anything similar for this particular model?

    1. Yeah, there are different types of cases available. Jelly cases, hard cases and leather flip cases. Saw them when I was in line on launch date. The leather case adds too much bulk to the phone IMO.

    2. I think they are just right. But don't get the white one like JM did. Hahaha!

    3. Yeah, white on white makes it look fat -_-

    4. Good to know. Don't get the white one, got it. Thanks for this info.

  3. hey dude, 1080p videos working fine. this phone is the real deal.

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  5. highlighting what is necessary for the general public to understand and straight to the point. nice review,,, thanks!

  6. nililinaw po ng myphone na ang a919i duo ay hindi po REBRANDED

    1. Yes, it is rebranded. It's from India -> Micromax A116 Canvas HD.

    2. correction lang po,
      My|Phone did not rebrand the A919i from Micromax.
      Micromax and My|Phone just have the same supplier of phones (OEM) from China which is Tinno Mobile.
      They are just both resellers, or you can term it rebranders since the OEM does not really sell their units to the general public.
      Here is an example, Tinno Mobile is the manufacturer of the S9081 which is sold as A919 by My|Phone and A110 by Micromax. Here is a link from Tinno Mobile showing the S9081 without a specific logo
      Hope this clears things out.

    3. Hi Andrew! I think the right term still is rebranded/rebrand because they did not retain the the Tinno Mobile logo and change the name as My|Phone, well again if it is not rebranded, what do we call on MyPhone's A919i Duo?
      Still this phone is awesome! Good thing I restrained myself on buying Flame 2.0 like Norman does. But Wait, Cherry Mobile has another Teaser, Hope Norman got his eyes on this one. Looking forward for your next review!

  7. Maybe he is referring to the movie "Man of Steal" Boplaks k? Anyare??? =D

  8. maganda sna ang feature kaso ang laki ng phone ang kapal ng bezzel nya. sayang

  9. how can i use the free facebook in my myphone a919i ?? help pls .. thanks

  10. I'm gonna get mine in two days! Been reading lots of reviews bout other phones with quad core. Got turned off because it ran on Qualcomm Snapdragon. Thanks a lot this is Mediatek. I'll post my experience on this phone in time. Thanks anyway, impressive review!

  11. Another downside is that it's not scratch resistant with Dragontrail or something. Anyway, it's what they say. you can't have it all!

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  13. mga dude help naman
    1 month old palang itong myphone a919 duo ko
    stuck siya sa 99% na charge..ayaw mag 100%
    sa tingin nyo?paplitan ko na kaya kasi may warranty naman?thanks


  15. terimakasih infonya, sangat bermanfaat
    salam kenal dari saya..
    thank you :)