Saturday, April 27, 2013

5th Sunday of Easter and Agape

Mass Sermon Chronicles
5th Sunday of Easter and Agape


Living in this world for more than 20 years now, I have always been a faithful Roman Catholic/ I may not be the best one or even as dedicated and passionate as others but I do believe and love Him. As much as I don’t look like it I actually try to attend mass every Sunday, and for the past five years in college, I rarely missed a mass and often go to my University’s chapel to pray. I remember once in my life, I was in elementary back then, I refused to go to mass, but my parents scolded me, ever since then I tried not to miss a mass and a lesson from a mass from that time was God only wants an hour in 168 hours of the week.
I don’t know why in all my years of attending mass, this is the first time I actually wanted to write about a sermon. Maybe I heard the sermon before. I don’t know but this is Norman’s Random so yeah, it’s not so random when it’s all Techie and stuff. Haha.
The Priest Preached about three kinds of love, first was Patriotic Love, the love for the country, the love for the nation, the love we have when we SERIOUSLY CHOOSE OUR LEADERS FOR OUR COUNTRY( I just plugged this in, as I hate Ignorant Voters). The second is romantic love, the love you share with your soulmate/girlfriend/boyfriend/MU whatever, it’s the love almost always present in Filipino movies. The third one, the priest asked, I also wondered what it was, and he told us it was Agape. It is an extraordinary love which is given by the gospel, the love from God, the love between siblings, the love between parents, almost synonymous to the love the first two aforementioned did not encompass. This is the unconditional love.
The priest then told us a story about a maid and a master. The maid has faithfully served an old woman for 50 years. Ever the woman’s three sons had their own lives, she was not visited anymore and only the maid tended her. The maid did not stay for the money but she grew to care and love the woman. The woman finally dies and her lawyer summoned the three sons for the last will and inheritance. The first son receives all the business, the second received all the lands and the youngest received the mentioned and an insanely filled passbook. The maid also received something and it was a portrait of the deceased woman. Since the maid was of no use anymore, the youngest son gave the maid clearance to leave. The maid was very sad because her master who she had grown to loved has died. When he hanged the old portrait, she noticed it was dusty, as she cleaned it up, the back creaked and broke, and tons of shiny glowing shards came out. When she got it examined, it was diamonds; the back of the portrait was filled with diamonds worth billions.
That was the end of the story and its lesson was love begets love. If you show love, love will be returned to you. As I was listening, the story was very predictable but I did appreciate the lesson that love begets love, I believe that if love is shown, regardless of its type, you will get love in return. I don’t know how to end this but this is it haha, stay tuned for more Mass Chronicles next week :D

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