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GooPhone i5 Review! Apple iPhone 5 ‘BEST’ Clone! MTK6577 Dual Core Version

GooPhone i5 Review!
Apple iPhone 5 ‘BEST’ Clone!
MTK6577 Dual Core Version


            After a relatively long while after the A919i, barring the Omega HD 2.0, which was secretly released, I was looking for another phone to review. As I was browsing for a phone on, I came upon a relatively popular phone at a very cheap price. An Apple iPhone 5, as I clicked the ad it was stated that it was a clone, rather than buying a clone from an untrusted seller, I searched for a Fake iPhone 5 for a trusted Seller. To my great surprise, the brand-new cost as much as the first I saw. Damn scumbags. So it was then I decided to purchase a Php7, 000 32GB iPhone 5 ANDROID CLONES, more famously known as the GooPhone i5. There are about dozens of different specifications for an i5 but what I picked was the MT6577 1GB Ram model, with that Processor and GPU of PowerVR, I was expecting performance comparable to Cherry Mobile Titan or MyPhone A919 Duo. What I observed from the purchase? Read on and find out!

NOTE: This review is for those curious about GooPhone i5. I’m sharing information based on my Personal Experience WITH RESPECT TO AN ACTUAL IPHONE 5. I knew beforehand that this is in no way comparable to an actual iPhone 5, don’t be a smartass and tell me ‘OF COURSE ITS NOT THE SAME SHIT’.

1. THE PACKAGE (6.5 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX and Contents

The box, from far away, looks similar to an iPhone5 box, on a closer look, the front looks significantly like an Original but the back part gives it away. It might even give you a laugh or two when you see how poorly the text is slapped on the back partnered with a crazy stupid font.
The package contains your standard iPhone5 accessories, but all of them have bad quality. The headset is very bad and it should feel bad, the Charger is a giveaway Class A type, the sim ejector is included and there are your staple manuals.

2. PHONE SUPERFICIALITY (10 out of 10)

GooPhone i5 nails everything with respect to an original iPhone5 in terms of physical appearance. At first sight I was blown away with its painstaking similarity with the Original, the weight, dimension, the button placement, the texts and logo, and the holes are spot-on. Even the build feels similar. One maybe easily fooled by this phone. BEWARE OF IPHONE 5 SELLERS out there, they maybe selling you FAKE. Just never buy from those sellers/ possible thieves especially those on SM North Edsa footbridge.
Overall, it’s amazing how much effort GooPhone put into manufacturing an accurate looking iPhone 5.


3.1 Display (8.4 out of 10)

            Same as the actual iPhone 5, GooPhone i5 sports a 4 Inch 640x1136 display. Unfortunately, Apple Fan boys will surely identify that the screen is much duller on GooPhone. It’s not bad, but it’s no way near the same as an actual iPhone 5. Barring comparison to an actual iPhone5, the display is quite respectable, it’s colourful and lively, and it can give the aforementioned A919 Duo a run for its money. Compared to other Rebranded/Fake phones on the 7k category, this is one of the best I’ve seen.

3.2 Multimedia (8.7 out of 10)

Any smartphone today should have this capability, multimedia playback. For the GooPhone i5, it has a respectable loudspeaker and an above average audio quality headsets attached (I have used my Staple Griffin Bolts Headset for testing). The stock is unreliable and I suggest buying a new set if you plan to use it for music playback often.

As for Video Playback, everything under 480p played fine. 700MB AVI files showed no problems. 720p suffers lags and the lag maybe tolerable to some but GooPhone i5 is just not for 720p or above playback. The Stock Player is, again, very unreliable, MX Player Pro is the way to go!

The Apple iOS arguably brings you the best mobile browsing experience, Android is lagging behind but it has slowly but surely improving at a steady pace, GooPhone i5 is a respectable browser, but there are some phones better suited for the job. Basically, GooPhone brings a good browser for short browsing and streaming every now and then.

3.3 Camera (4.2 out of 10)

Ahhh, the Camera, initially, I thought it had a good Camera, how wrong was I when I used it. It may have the same interface as an actual iPhone but it is light years away from an actual iPhone 5. YES I KNOW LIGHT YEARS IS A MEASURE OF DISTANCE I PLAYED POKEMON NUMEROUS TIMES. HAHAHAHA. The camera is slow and laggy and the image quality is very noisy and arguably the worst one out there. Just to give you a GIST on how terrible the camera is, the image size at full 8Mp is 500kB! SCARY!
The Front Facing Camera is not impressive either but it can be used for Skype. Unless you are very vain, I wouldn’t even suggest the front Camera for Jejemon selfies.

3.4 Gaming (8.7 out of 10)

Carrying a proven effective Mediatek MT6577 with a PowerVR GPU, gaming can be played smoothly though expect a slow start up and loading Times. The games on the pictures run smoothly. HD Games are yet to be tested but I believe it can play NBA 2k13.

3.5 Speed/User Friendliness/OS (8.0 out of 10)

GooPhone i5 runs Android Jellybean 4.1 out of the box but it tries its best to run like an iPhone 5. Its skin is heavily lifted from an original iPhone but, in my opinion, it just fails miserably. It is powered with an MT6577 dual-core processor partnered with 1GB RAM. In terms of speed, GooPhone i5 is not a slouch as it pretty much performs as fast as few months ago’s A919 duo and Cherry Mobile Titan. The 1GB RAM is relatively generous but the iOS skin surely takes up a lot of RAM all the time resulting in slowdowns and lags. I just don’t get why the hell sellers exaggerate that this phones runs as fast as an actual iPhone 5. I REPEAT IT’S NOT SLOW, BUT IN NO WAY DOES IT PERFORM EVEN HALF THE SPEED OF AN ACTUAL IPHONE 5. I know that the phone is not as fast beforehand, my point is SELLERS EXAGERRATE TOO MUCH, and I could have lived with the fact that this phone is significantly slower but they have to fool people into thinking such tomfoolery. Staying in topic, I have previously mentioned that i5 tries its best to copy the iPhone 5 but some aspects just gives it away that it is just a sad clone. The Keyboard, Photos, and AppStore (obviously), Notifications Pull-down button and contacts are just few of those giveaways.

Of course one of the most important parts of being a phone for the world’s texting capital is its telephony and messaging. The messaging app looks familiar with an actual iPhone but pressing the New Message button pops-up the Android Keyboard. It can be easily fixed by downloading an iPhone 5 keyboard skin though. The dialer is the same with 4.1 androids out there and it’s relatively easy to use.
All in all, it is generally a useable phone. Sporting an android means sporting a very user-friendly interface, you can customize but it takes away the iPhone 5 theme which may generally be the reason why you purchased this phone. I would also like to point out that using this phone while it is not held poses problems when navigating.

3.6 Battery (8.7 out of 10)

            The battery will generally last you about two or more days on standby, but if it is used extensively, expect the routine overnight charging.

3.6 Miscellaneous

            Aside from looking like an iPhone 5. This phone offers nothing much different from other Android Phones out there. If you want to learn anything special about this phone kindly watch the video:


Rebranded>>Clones! (7.923 Out of 10) 

            GooPhone i5 is one of those clones that will make you impulse buy one. With the lack of reviews out there one could surely buy one in an instant. As for me, I bought one for knowledge and information sharing. With the experience I had, barring comparison to an actual iPhone 5, this is a relatively good phone. It runs a not-so-late MT6577 Processor with a beefy 1GB Ram, though, as mentioned earlier, the iOS skin probably takes up much RAM. Respectable display, decent multimedia playback and relatively good battery life makes this a good phone for itself, I use this phone primarily as a backup phone for video playback on the go. If you are looking for that executive touch on a phone, look no further than for GooPhone i5.
Personally, I would say I would go for rebranded phones rather than clones for the simple reason of after sales support. If you plan to buy one, better weigh if the pros outweigh the cons as this phone should NEVER be bought impulsively.


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  6. Actually it's not a goophone if it has the iphone name on it, it's just a fake iphone. Goophone have their own brand with the goophone name on it, although it is an iphone copy you can tell it apart from other fakes, plus from the reviews I read it is significantly better than most of the fakes there

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