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May 2013 Election: A Wasted Chance for Change

May 2013 Election
A Wasted Chance for Change

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Time has been moving at a very quick pace for me, since 1993, I have been born the last 7 elections. The time I actually cared for the results of such elections was just in 2004 when someone who did not have any legislative background and had hardly education ran for president almost won for president. I’m not disrespecting the dead, rest in Peace Da King, but come on, what the hell did almost 9 Million people think would happen when they voted for him. I was just 11 back then and slowly but surely like ate Shirley had a decaying hope for the future of our nation.
Three years later, another election was held, I am no expert in Politics but in my opinion it was the election that was close to acceptable. That election had Four Candidates from the entertainment industry namely Richard Gomez, Tito Sotto, Victor Wood Living and Cesar Montano. And with some great miracle, none of them won! I’m not saying that Showbiz peeps does not have the right to run but I believe most of them run because their name is popular, I mean what the hell do MOST of them know in politics. With 2007, a spark of hope was restored in for the future of the Nation. I know there are undeserving candidates, but we have to get realistic undeserving candidates will ALWAYS find their way through the throne.
In 2010, this was a major election for me as I was now a college student, though still unqualified to vote, 17, and this was the shittiest election ever. No question, I mean WHAT THE F people! This election had tremendous air time with Manny Villar doing his jingles, anyone remember Nakaligo ka na bas a Dagat ng Basura? I honestly thought it was Villar vs Noynoy, when it should have been Gordon vs Teodoro, but hey you’re living in the Philippines where every 3 years there is a national  beauty pageant. When the election resukts came out there was that big WHAT THE F*** that appeared. Almost 9.5 MILLION votes for Estrada? I don’t care if you voted for Estrada, you are ignorant, what did those 9.5 Million People Think? That was not the worst part, look at the Senate Winners, it was a mother father popularity contest. MOST of the winners were either showbiz men or had the name of a politician from before. Three years in service what the hell did your president do to you? The no Wang Wang Policy? To those 15 Million who voted for him, honestly what do you see in him? Matuwid na Gobyerno my ass. 2010 was a big disappointment in Philippine election a skyrocket downward for the future.
Now another election came and by this time I knew that the results would disappoint me as hell. Honestly, when Villar, Poe, Binay, Aquino announced that they would run I was 100% sure they would win, amidst the horrendous statements against nurse, running with a famous surname, no legislative background or any work experience, and the hypocritical run of ‘no political dynasties’ when in fact his own family is seated at the power, I knew that Filipinos would still be ignorant enough to vote for such. Hagedorn, Gordon and Casino, its sad that none made the magic 12, I honestly think they deserved that to be in more that war freaks Trillanes and Honasan. And with that all hope I ever had for our nation is lost.
So with a lost hope I begin to think more logically. Look at this, most people in the Philippines are marginalized, and most of them live in the slums. Amidst their status, most of them still has a TV or radio, TV is the most prominent factor in the election and Pulse Asia and SWS’ ‘SURVEYS’ pretty much determines the outcome of the election. Those with lots of money and are popular will appeal to these uneducated folks and vote for them, can you really blame them if they chose wrongly? Ok so majority are uneducated, lets wait for the next generation to alleviate the wrongs and bring a bright future. WRONG. Due to the Government they elected, did they ever do anything to lighten the load for the poor people? The poor remain poor and the rich remain rich. I don’t know if you notice but these marginalized people are the ones with more children. So instead of one voting for an undeserving candidate they have 7 to vote for them. Its painstakingly hard to accept but its true. I believe the key to the future lies not with the younger generation but with education and awareness especially to the poor. The younger generation will always have a say but with the continues increase in tuition, the ones that should get education does not, thus resulting in a more ignorant society.
I have lost all hope for the Nation but not to my Generation. I know that the government is a key part to success but I won’t depend on them. I will do better for myself and contribute to the Nation in my own way. Lalo na sa batch naming, madaming mga Cum Laude ngayon and we will pick up the slacks for those mistakes made by the less educated. Instead of blaming them, we will do our best to help to aid them to the right direction. So to all the 90’s kids and those willing to contribute to our future let’s not expect anything from the government and move for ourselves. Tayo ang Simula ika nga. Imbis na umasa sa Gobyerno na tumulong sa Masa, tayo nalang ang tumulong. Go Batch 2013 hahaha!

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