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GooPhone i5 Review! Apple iPhone 5 ‘BEST’ Clone! MTK6577 Dual Core Version

GooPhone i5 Review!
Apple iPhone 5 ‘BEST’ Clone!
MTK6577 Dual Core Version


            After a relatively long while after the A919i, barring the Omega HD 2.0, which was secretly released, I was looking for another phone to review. As I was browsing for a phone on, I came upon a relatively popular phone at a very cheap price. An Apple iPhone 5, as I clicked the ad it was stated that it was a clone, rather than buying a clone from an untrusted seller, I searched for a Fake iPhone 5 for a trusted Seller. To my great surprise, the brand-new cost as much as the first I saw. Damn scumbags. So it was then I decided to purchase a Php7, 000 32GB iPhone 5 ANDROID CLONES, more famously known as the GooPhone i5. There are about dozens of different specifications for an i5 but what I picked was the MT6577 1GB Ram model, with that Processor and GPU of PowerVR, I was expecting performance comparable to Cherry Mobile Titan or MyPhone A919 Duo. What I observed from the purchase? Read on and find out!

NOTE: This review is for those curious about GooPhone i5. I’m sharing information based on my Personal Experience WITH RESPECT TO AN ACTUAL IPHONE 5. I knew beforehand that this is in no way comparable to an actual iPhone 5, don’t be a smartass and tell me ‘OF COURSE ITS NOT THE SAME SHIT’.

1. THE PACKAGE (6.5 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX and Contents

The box, from far away, looks similar to an iPhone5 box, on a closer look, the front looks significantly like an Original but the back part gives it away. It might even give you a laugh or two when you see how poorly the text is slapped on the back partnered with a crazy stupid font.
The package contains your standard iPhone5 accessories, but all of them have bad quality. The headset is very bad and it should feel bad, the Charger is a giveaway Class A type, the sim ejector is included and there are your staple manuals.

2. PHONE SUPERFICIALITY (10 out of 10)

GooPhone i5 nails everything with respect to an original iPhone5 in terms of physical appearance. At first sight I was blown away with its painstaking similarity with the Original, the weight, dimension, the button placement, the texts and logo, and the holes are spot-on. Even the build feels similar. One maybe easily fooled by this phone. BEWARE OF IPHONE 5 SELLERS out there, they maybe selling you FAKE. Just never buy from those sellers/ possible thieves especially those on SM North Edsa footbridge.
Overall, it’s amazing how much effort GooPhone put into manufacturing an accurate looking iPhone 5.


3.1 Display (8.4 out of 10)

            Same as the actual iPhone 5, GooPhone i5 sports a 4 Inch 640x1136 display. Unfortunately, Apple Fan boys will surely identify that the screen is much duller on GooPhone. It’s not bad, but it’s no way near the same as an actual iPhone 5. Barring comparison to an actual iPhone5, the display is quite respectable, it’s colourful and lively, and it can give the aforementioned A919 Duo a run for its money. Compared to other Rebranded/Fake phones on the 7k category, this is one of the best I’ve seen.

3.2 Multimedia (8.7 out of 10)

Any smartphone today should have this capability, multimedia playback. For the GooPhone i5, it has a respectable loudspeaker and an above average audio quality headsets attached (I have used my Staple Griffin Bolts Headset for testing). The stock is unreliable and I suggest buying a new set if you plan to use it for music playback often.

As for Video Playback, everything under 480p played fine. 700MB AVI files showed no problems. 720p suffers lags and the lag maybe tolerable to some but GooPhone i5 is just not for 720p or above playback. The Stock Player is, again, very unreliable, MX Player Pro is the way to go!

The Apple iOS arguably brings you the best mobile browsing experience, Android is lagging behind but it has slowly but surely improving at a steady pace, GooPhone i5 is a respectable browser, but there are some phones better suited for the job. Basically, GooPhone brings a good browser for short browsing and streaming every now and then.

3.3 Camera (4.2 out of 10)

Ahhh, the Camera, initially, I thought it had a good Camera, how wrong was I when I used it. It may have the same interface as an actual iPhone but it is light years away from an actual iPhone 5. YES I KNOW LIGHT YEARS IS A MEASURE OF DISTANCE I PLAYED POKEMON NUMEROUS TIMES. HAHAHAHA. The camera is slow and laggy and the image quality is very noisy and arguably the worst one out there. Just to give you a GIST on how terrible the camera is, the image size at full 8Mp is 500kB! SCARY!
The Front Facing Camera is not impressive either but it can be used for Skype. Unless you are very vain, I wouldn’t even suggest the front Camera for Jejemon selfies.

3.4 Gaming (8.7 out of 10)

Carrying a proven effective Mediatek MT6577 with a PowerVR GPU, gaming can be played smoothly though expect a slow start up and loading Times. The games on the pictures run smoothly. HD Games are yet to be tested but I believe it can play NBA 2k13.

3.5 Speed/User Friendliness/OS (8.0 out of 10)

GooPhone i5 runs Android Jellybean 4.1 out of the box but it tries its best to run like an iPhone 5. Its skin is heavily lifted from an original iPhone but, in my opinion, it just fails miserably. It is powered with an MT6577 dual-core processor partnered with 1GB RAM. In terms of speed, GooPhone i5 is not a slouch as it pretty much performs as fast as few months ago’s A919 duo and Cherry Mobile Titan. The 1GB RAM is relatively generous but the iOS skin surely takes up a lot of RAM all the time resulting in slowdowns and lags. I just don’t get why the hell sellers exaggerate that this phones runs as fast as an actual iPhone 5. I REPEAT IT’S NOT SLOW, BUT IN NO WAY DOES IT PERFORM EVEN HALF THE SPEED OF AN ACTUAL IPHONE 5. I know that the phone is not as fast beforehand, my point is SELLERS EXAGERRATE TOO MUCH, and I could have lived with the fact that this phone is significantly slower but they have to fool people into thinking such tomfoolery. Staying in topic, I have previously mentioned that i5 tries its best to copy the iPhone 5 but some aspects just gives it away that it is just a sad clone. The Keyboard, Photos, and AppStore (obviously), Notifications Pull-down button and contacts are just few of those giveaways.

Of course one of the most important parts of being a phone for the world’s texting capital is its telephony and messaging. The messaging app looks familiar with an actual iPhone but pressing the New Message button pops-up the Android Keyboard. It can be easily fixed by downloading an iPhone 5 keyboard skin though. The dialer is the same with 4.1 androids out there and it’s relatively easy to use.
All in all, it is generally a useable phone. Sporting an android means sporting a very user-friendly interface, you can customize but it takes away the iPhone 5 theme which may generally be the reason why you purchased this phone. I would also like to point out that using this phone while it is not held poses problems when navigating.

3.6 Battery (8.7 out of 10)

            The battery will generally last you about two or more days on standby, but if it is used extensively, expect the routine overnight charging.

3.6 Miscellaneous

            Aside from looking like an iPhone 5. This phone offers nothing much different from other Android Phones out there. If you want to learn anything special about this phone kindly watch the video:


Rebranded>>Clones! (7.923 Out of 10) 

            GooPhone i5 is one of those clones that will make you impulse buy one. With the lack of reviews out there one could surely buy one in an instant. As for me, I bought one for knowledge and information sharing. With the experience I had, barring comparison to an actual iPhone 5, this is a relatively good phone. It runs a not-so-late MT6577 Processor with a beefy 1GB Ram, though, as mentioned earlier, the iOS skin probably takes up much RAM. Respectable display, decent multimedia playback and relatively good battery life makes this a good phone for itself, I use this phone primarily as a backup phone for video playback on the go. If you are looking for that executive touch on a phone, look no further than for GooPhone i5.
Personally, I would say I would go for rebranded phones rather than clones for the simple reason of after sales support. If you plan to buy one, better weigh if the pros outweigh the cons as this phone should NEVER be bought impulsively.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 2013 Election: A Wasted Chance for Change

May 2013 Election
A Wasted Chance for Change

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Time has been moving at a very quick pace for me, since 1993, I have been born the last 7 elections. The time I actually cared for the results of such elections was just in 2004 when someone who did not have any legislative background and had hardly education ran for president almost won for president. I’m not disrespecting the dead, rest in Peace Da King, but come on, what the hell did almost 9 Million people think would happen when they voted for him. I was just 11 back then and slowly but surely like ate Shirley had a decaying hope for the future of our nation.
Three years later, another election was held, I am no expert in Politics but in my opinion it was the election that was close to acceptable. That election had Four Candidates from the entertainment industry namely Richard Gomez, Tito Sotto, Victor Wood Living and Cesar Montano. And with some great miracle, none of them won! I’m not saying that Showbiz peeps does not have the right to run but I believe most of them run because their name is popular, I mean what the hell do MOST of them know in politics. With 2007, a spark of hope was restored in for the future of the Nation. I know there are undeserving candidates, but we have to get realistic undeserving candidates will ALWAYS find their way through the throne.
In 2010, this was a major election for me as I was now a college student, though still unqualified to vote, 17, and this was the shittiest election ever. No question, I mean WHAT THE F people! This election had tremendous air time with Manny Villar doing his jingles, anyone remember Nakaligo ka na bas a Dagat ng Basura? I honestly thought it was Villar vs Noynoy, when it should have been Gordon vs Teodoro, but hey you’re living in the Philippines where every 3 years there is a national  beauty pageant. When the election resukts came out there was that big WHAT THE F*** that appeared. Almost 9.5 MILLION votes for Estrada? I don’t care if you voted for Estrada, you are ignorant, what did those 9.5 Million People Think? That was not the worst part, look at the Senate Winners, it was a mother father popularity contest. MOST of the winners were either showbiz men or had the name of a politician from before. Three years in service what the hell did your president do to you? The no Wang Wang Policy? To those 15 Million who voted for him, honestly what do you see in him? Matuwid na Gobyerno my ass. 2010 was a big disappointment in Philippine election a skyrocket downward for the future.
Now another election came and by this time I knew that the results would disappoint me as hell. Honestly, when Villar, Poe, Binay, Aquino announced that they would run I was 100% sure they would win, amidst the horrendous statements against nurse, running with a famous surname, no legislative background or any work experience, and the hypocritical run of ‘no political dynasties’ when in fact his own family is seated at the power, I knew that Filipinos would still be ignorant enough to vote for such. Hagedorn, Gordon and Casino, its sad that none made the magic 12, I honestly think they deserved that to be in more that war freaks Trillanes and Honasan. And with that all hope I ever had for our nation is lost.
So with a lost hope I begin to think more logically. Look at this, most people in the Philippines are marginalized, and most of them live in the slums. Amidst their status, most of them still has a TV or radio, TV is the most prominent factor in the election and Pulse Asia and SWS’ ‘SURVEYS’ pretty much determines the outcome of the election. Those with lots of money and are popular will appeal to these uneducated folks and vote for them, can you really blame them if they chose wrongly? Ok so majority are uneducated, lets wait for the next generation to alleviate the wrongs and bring a bright future. WRONG. Due to the Government they elected, did they ever do anything to lighten the load for the poor people? The poor remain poor and the rich remain rich. I don’t know if you notice but these marginalized people are the ones with more children. So instead of one voting for an undeserving candidate they have 7 to vote for them. Its painstakingly hard to accept but its true. I believe the key to the future lies not with the younger generation but with education and awareness especially to the poor. The younger generation will always have a say but with the continues increase in tuition, the ones that should get education does not, thus resulting in a more ignorant society.
I have lost all hope for the Nation but not to my Generation. I know that the government is a key part to success but I won’t depend on them. I will do better for myself and contribute to the Nation in my own way. Lalo na sa batch naming, madaming mga Cum Laude ngayon and we will pick up the slacks for those mistakes made by the less educated. Instead of blaming them, we will do our best to help to aid them to the right direction. So to all the 90’s kids and those willing to contribute to our future let’s not expect anything from the government and move for ourselves. Tayo ang Simula ika nga. Imbis na umasa sa Gobyerno na tumulong sa Masa, tayo nalang ang tumulong. Go Batch 2013 hahaha!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review



When a PlayStation owner gets a few visitors, there is only one game that almost never gets unplayed, that game is the immortal Tekken series. Ever since Playstation 1 days, Tekken was something everyone cn play including noobs. Random Button-Mashing is the best ever on this series as even the aforementioned noob can defeat a seasoned veteran. Hundreds of fighting game may be released out there but Tekken stands tall. With tight competition, how does Naruto stand up to it? Read on and find out!
First and foremost, I would like to state that Ninja Storm 3 is almost indubitably the perfect game for those who want to catch up to the series. The Ultimate Adventure’s Story is the EXACT COPY of the anime with some additional fights and sidequests here and there. SPOILERS AHEAD. You start the adventure with a prologue of 16 years ago, on the night of the Kyuubi attack. Here you will learn some of the basic moves. Chapter One then starts you off after the Invasion of Pain Arc. Somehow, UNS3 tries to be a free roam world but it just doesn’t work. I thought the adventure game would be fight oriented but it is Cut-Scene oriented. The cut scenes are from the Anime of course, and there are tons of cut-scenes. Fortunately, you can skip them.
The numerous cut-scenes maybe good or bad depending on how much you like Naruto, but for me, it’s a waste of time especially since I just finished watching Shippuden up to the latest episode. That’s not all, I really think that the free roam part is unnecessary as you maybe free but the amount of things you could do is limited to the point you will hate having to go through such sequences. There are also LOTS of Loading Times. LOTS. So, if the Adventure Mode maybe a bit shaky depending on the user, what the hell is the point of going through it? Simple. CHARACTERS. UNS3 is has one of the worst starting characters available. Seriously, I wanted to use Shinra Tensei ASAP, but no I have to unlock him and go through the adventure mode. So, unless you plan to just get a save file from the net, you are forced to play Adventure Mode to unlock the characters. There are tons and tons and tons to unlock BTW.
Finally, in terms of Gameplay, I would have to say UNS3 is one of the most user-friendly fighting game out there. There is basically just one action button, Circle. The actions are dependent upon your Chakra (Charged via Triangle) and your left analog stick. Square is for throwing projectiles and X is for jumping. R2 lets you block and L2 lets you use Substituton Jutsu (A much more efficient Blocking Scheme). It may look simplistic but its actually kind of fun. Fans and those looking for a new fighting game may indeed find something worthwhile with UNS3.

1.    Graphics (4.5/5)

The Graphics are absolutely amazing. The Characters look 100% like the show and the visuals is lush and colorful. With the various cut scenes and the amazing Graphics, it feels like watching the Anime in 3D and interactive style. After unlocking all the available characters, most, if not all, will likely be impressed with the diverse ninjutsu animations UNS 3 has to offer. Ultimate Jutsus never get old.

2.    Gameplay (3.4/5)

Its no Tekken or Marvel vs Capcom style. Button mashing is relatively pointless as Circle is all you need to press. It may get boring with the repetitive action but it gets fun as the fight progress and when Chakra based moves are used. The single button gameplay maybe the games’ downfall as one may will definitely not get the Chakra- Action attacking scheme but it works quite well and actually captures the feel of the game.

3.    Sound (4/5)

The sound is amazing! I would suggest using a Japanese audio for a better feel with the Anime, but the English works fine too. The lip sync may not be accurate but voice acting is spot on. The various groans and comments while fighting adds to the flavor. The background music blends perfectly with the match.

4.    Replayability (5/5)

There are tons to unlock and that is just half of it. UNS3 is a fighting game so expect tons of hours of multiplayer gaming, especially if you have lots of friends. There is also an Online Mode which adds to the number of hours you will immense yourself with the Game, it was suggested to be to fight Nagato online as he was annoyingly hard, I haven’t triend it yet but I will soon.

CONCLUSION (4.225/5)

            Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will most likely appeal to fans especially those who want to catch up to the series. But its fate ultimately lies with how the people will like the Gameplay as it is both the games’ weakness and its strength. UNS3 is a break from the traditional Button-Mashing style of fighting games out there. I haven’t tried the previous Ninja Storms but I was extremely pleased with this one. The immense Anime feel, the lustrous Ninjutsu animation, the awesome Ultimate Jutsu finish and the tons of hours for multiplayer and online gaming is an awesome feat that UNS3 captures.

Friday, May 10, 2013

NBA 2K13: Through the Eyes of a PS2 Gamer



The last console NBA game I played was NBA 2k11 it maybe not as long ago I played it on my PlayStation 2. Up until last month I was still playing it. From 2k11 release up until last month I have been consistently playing the game. Not to brag but I may have very well been the greatest ps2 2k11 gamer out there as I have played 5 full seasons 4 minutes per game hall of fame difficulty and I have adjusted the shot success of AI to 70%. The game may not have changed much since NBA 2k9 but it was all I had left.

I was constantly seeking the thrill of NBA and I have found a new love in NBA 2k13 of the Android platform. As impressive as the game is I am frustrated with the bias this game has. Playing on home court virtually ensures you victory as shots just go down. When a visiting team, its crazy hard to shoot a 3-Pointer, even drives misses.

Now as I graduate I have been blessed with a Ps3 and of course NBA 2k13 will not be excluded from games I will play. Initially I was very much enthused and excited as the reviews were positive. The moment I plugged the game in the sound and the graphics blew me away. It was a significant improvement in terms of home screen alone and the game modes are insane. The additional teams were no question the best. Dream team was just phenomenal. As I played the game for the first time, no question, the excitement I felt was unparalleled! After that everything went down, as amazing as the graphics is, the controls were hugely revamped, for the first few games, it was hard and unenjoyable as Fuck, the Tutorials did not help either as it did not showcase how to properly use the Shot stick + L2 shooting.

I immediately hated the game and took a hiatus from 2k13 gaming. A few days back, I tried to play it again, I set the difficulty on Hall-of-Fame for the first few games, I set it to All-star, and it was the most sense filled decision I made in a while. After lowering the difficulty, I familiarized myself with the controls and I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of it, and not surprisingly I fell in love with the Franchise once more. The improvements the game offered are truly a blast especially to someone who came from an earlier generation of consoles. I hated the game because the change in control and pace of the game were drastic, but these changes are actually what make it the Best NBA to date. The game feels like the real deal and the physics, commentary, and gameplay makes it feel such. Truly a great purchase. I have always been a Laker Fan but Lakers just aren’t doing it for me, I am still their fan but my team for this game is the Miami Heat!

1.    Graphics (4.8/5)

The Graphics are absolutely amazing. Players look painstakingly like their real-life counterpart. The Home Screen alone is a sight to behold. PS2 NBAs have consistently had the same Title Screen, the Cover then Press Start with the same options only changing in color palates used. The improvements on Ps2 are minimal to none with slight update on Player’s Faces. Vujacic and Gasol looked alike in NBA 2k9. Now, I highly doubt there are any face on 2k13 which look alike. The Graphics and player’s movements are spot-on. Superstar’s gestures were also captured close to perfection. Replays are always fun to watch especially if you posterize a human opponent to further rub it in his face.

2.    Gameplay (4.5/5)

The gameplay is also one of the games’ bread and butter as it feels the same as the real thing. The Shot stick now lets you pull of amazing dribbles and ball handling prowess, press L2 and you shoot the ball. It maybe frustrating at first but you will find it fun in time, finding the right angle and release to your players never gets old.

3.    Sound (4.7/5)

With the participation of Jay-Z, I was skeptical about it but the soundtrack selection fits the game nicely, you will find familiar soundtracks from past NBAs and some old songs, I really liked the inclusion of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. The commentators Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg are an amazing feat. Ps2 Versions have received the same commentary crap for three years. I haven’t even played 2k8 and 2k12 and I there is a high probability they are the same. The commentary for 2k13 is just amazing and same as the gameplay, it feels like the real deal as Clark and Kevin seem like they can talk forever without looping. Even player’s screams were included which was fun hearing them ‘OHHHH’ every now and then. Doris Burke also has some courtside report to add an extra NBA flavor.

4.    Replayability (5/5)

There are tons of Game modes and the MyPlayer option will surely keep hardcore fans playing. Just playing a Quick Game is fun by yourself, the additional teams alone makes it a fun experience to play against the Dream Team or teams from the past. Imagine playing with a friend and the fun it brings. The online play further lengthens its Replayability. Having played 2k11 for almost three years (it was released on 2010), the addition and improvements of 2k13 keeps me want to play it over and over again.


            Make no mistake, NBA 2k13 is the best NBA out there. The addition and drastic changes over its Ps2 predecessors will make one’s eye drool. Sure the controls have been majorly revamped but it is for the good thing. NBA 2k13 almost perfectly catches the feel of an actual NBA game. It’s that amazing! Call in some friends over and you have multiplayer bonanza! Overall, this game is a Norman’s Random approved and highly recommended for Fans and those looking for a fun multiplayer!

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MyPhone A919i Duo Review! The Return of a King!

MyPhone A919i Duo Review!
The Return of a King!




            I have been absent for a long time on reviewing rebranded phones, as I was still waiting for a worthy purchase, surprisingly, A919i came and its spec sheet was undeniably very impressive, with my trust on MyPhone at an all-time high, its time I came back to give you guys a Norman’s Random blend Review for A919i Duo. The new wave of next gen quad-cores is up and rebranded companies are picking up last year’s tech to wage war locally. MyPhone A919i Duo is one of the first Rebranded Quad-Core of today. Building its success over its Dual Core predecessor, A919i has come a long way for more or less only six months.
A few reviews ago, MyPhone A919 Duo may have well been the best Dual-Core rebranded phone out due to its amazing and impressive performance in most people’s daily activities. Now, MyPhone may have launched a Quad-Core later than other brands but it has been the best so far. If I was to compare local brands to international brands, I would say Cherry is Sony and MyPhone is Samsung. Cherry’s Flame 2.0 was not as amazing as I expected based on reviews so I did not get it. MyPhone A919i, on the other hand, packs quite a powerful punch so it is one of those devices that I wanted to have. With the One-Day sale, A919i Duo at P7990 is a definitive steal. Even at regular price I would say it’s still pretty much a bang for the buck. Why? Read on and find out.

1. THE PACKAGE (7.2 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX and Contents

The contents are basically the same with its predecessor with the absence of a CD. The headset is quite good.

2. PHONE SUPERFICIALITY (9.1 out of 10)

MyPhone A919i Duo does not have anything special in its superficial department but it’s no slouch. The front houses the 2MP Camera, the back is covered with an anti-fingerprint cover with a smooth feel and it also has the 8MP Camera which is protruded like its predecessor. The sides and top has the volume rocker and power button and USB port and 3.5mm jack respectively.
Overall, it’s nothing special but it does have a certain tingle and feel of a branded phone.


3.1 Display (9.4 out of 10)

            MyPhone A919i Duo sports a 720x1280 screen. And its display is sharp, crisp, bright and vibrant. I was amazed at this phone’s display; the 720p HD display really makes your screen alive. It has relatively good viewing angles and the texts below the icons look very sharp. It’s definitely no Note 2 (720x1280), but you will definitely appreciate the giant steps A919i made over its predecessors in terms of display.

3.2 Multimedia (9.6 out of 10)

MyPhone is definitely the superior brand in terms of Multimedia Playback, A919, A888, A848i have had the great, if not the best, audio quality. Its loudspeaker has a right maximum volume with good audio quality earphones attached. Its stock headset is a good one too. I have tested it using my Griffin Bolts Headset (My Staple for Review), and its sounds nice.

As for Video Playback, for the first time on all the rebranded phones I have used, I REPEAT, REBRANDED PHONES THAT I HAVE USED, MyPhone A919i has been the only one to play 720p videos smoothly. No lags or delays or whatsoever, I haven’t tested 1080p though but 720p videos up to 300MB has play fine thus far. Having said that, anything under 720p videos plays fine. You have to note that its stock video player is as unreliable as any stock player out there, except for Note 2’s stock, MX Player is your solution for video playback needs.

Browsing on a phone is also a great experience, Android has come a long way to deliver smooth browsing experience on a phone. Streaming, like YouTube, is no slouch either as it is as smooth and as beautiful as playing with standard videos.

3.3 Camera (9.2 out of 10)

The Camera offers an 8MP camera with options like 1MP. 1.3MP, 2Mp, 3MP and 5MP. The images are as expected, one of the best today for a rebranded phone. They come out nice and amazing and it has better image stabilization than A919 duo. It also has an HDR mode.
The Front-Facing camera shoots at 2MP resolution but it’s not as impressive. Still, it’s good enough for Skype and Jejemon self-shots. Haha

3.4 Gaming (8.9 out of 10)

Carrying a Mediatek MT6589 Processor, you can be sure A919i Duo is built to handle games. Mainstream games such as Temple Run 2, Pou, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, 2Fuse played smoothly. As for HD Games, I had a problem running NBA 2k13 but I did run the worst Gameloft Game to date, Iron Man 3, and to no surprise, it played smoothly, though loading times tend to be a bit longer than higher-end phones. Iron Man 3 played as well as I expected so other HD Games will probably run quite well. Though I have to note that with an a abysmal 1.77GB Internal Storage, you will need to purchase an External SD Card to play the likes of Spiderman, NOVA3 , Batman, etc.

3.5 Speed/User Friendliness/OS (8.5 out of 10)

MyPhone A919i runs Jellybean 4.1.2 out of the box, it’s very user-friendly and you can familiarize yourself in an hour or two. It is powered with the aforementioned Quad-Core Mediatek MT6589 Processor clocked at 1.2GHz which maybe the best for rebranded phones, a few months back it was MT6577 which was the superior one, browsing between screens is smooth. The 1GB Ram is something all of us wanted and MyPhone A919i gives us what we craved. Though I have to point out, it only has a 1.77GB Internal Storage which is barely useable especially for HD Gaming.

Of course one of the most important parts of being a phone for the world’s texting capital is its telephony and messaging. The messaging features the recent Android Keyboard which have the capability to learn how you text giving it a much more extensive predictive input via learning from texts, tweets, emails, and Facebook chats. The stock messaging keyboard also offers swiping gesture and an offline voice recognition, sadly, it does not have Filipino word recognition so you have to stick with English words. If you do not like the stock messaging app or the keyboard, again, the Playstore is your friend. Calling is also a delight as it is very simple to use and the speaker and mic are loud and clear.

Looking at Antutu A919i gave relatively high results. Quite amazing for a rebranded phone.

3.6 Battery (8.3out of 10)

            The battery of is good, as it definitely will last you a day. It has amazing idle battery drain value about 1% every 3 hours. Playing Games or multimedia playback may drain its battery but its powerful enough to hold for about a day. 4 Hours Video and 1 Hour Gaming takes approximately 50%. That is actually quite nice. Still, overnight Charging is a must.

3.6 Miscellaneous

            Aside from being one of the first ‘no talkshit quadcore’ (A quad-core that actually delivers, this isn’t a quadcore that is a quadcore for the sake of quadcore [Hindi ito Quad-Core na masabi lang na Quad Core, ang ganda ng performance nya]), MyPhone A919i Duo offers the same staple on MyPhone phones which add to the flavour. It has a MyPinoy App which has prayers and trivias and lots of Patriotic stuff, sadly, most of the files are missing. It also has a pre-installed MMDA app, which maybe useful every blue moon.


QUAD-CORE NG PINAS! (8.73 Out of 10) 

            MyPhone A919i may not have been the first rebranded Quad-core but it is definitely the one that has the right tweaks and power punch that will make your jaw drop. Great display, capable multimedia playback, respectable camera, above average battery life and the oomph of a Quad-Core touch that you will not be ashamed to show in public makes this phone a definitive bang-for-the-buck. At P7990, this phone is a steal, even at about P10k it’s still a nice phone for the price.
            MyPhone may not have as much airtime or hype or promos the same as with Cherry but they have continuously showed improvements that is actually significant and enjoyable. MyPhone takes time with their products and give consumers what they want. I’m just stating a fact, just look at Lemon Units that were rushed to customers by other companies only to be given a defective unit and a lame after sales service support.
            Putting that aside, MyPhone A919i Duo is a Norman’s Randoms approved and recommended Phone!
. Stay tuned for more!