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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review



When a PlayStation owner gets a few visitors, there is only one game that almost never gets unplayed, that game is the immortal Tekken series. Ever since Playstation 1 days, Tekken was something everyone cn play including noobs. Random Button-Mashing is the best ever on this series as even the aforementioned noob can defeat a seasoned veteran. Hundreds of fighting game may be released out there but Tekken stands tall. With tight competition, how does Naruto stand up to it? Read on and find out!
First and foremost, I would like to state that Ninja Storm 3 is almost indubitably the perfect game for those who want to catch up to the series. The Ultimate Adventure’s Story is the EXACT COPY of the anime with some additional fights and sidequests here and there. SPOILERS AHEAD. You start the adventure with a prologue of 16 years ago, on the night of the Kyuubi attack. Here you will learn some of the basic moves. Chapter One then starts you off after the Invasion of Pain Arc. Somehow, UNS3 tries to be a free roam world but it just doesn’t work. I thought the adventure game would be fight oriented but it is Cut-Scene oriented. The cut scenes are from the Anime of course, and there are tons of cut-scenes. Fortunately, you can skip them.
The numerous cut-scenes maybe good or bad depending on how much you like Naruto, but for me, it’s a waste of time especially since I just finished watching Shippuden up to the latest episode. That’s not all, I really think that the free roam part is unnecessary as you maybe free but the amount of things you could do is limited to the point you will hate having to go through such sequences. There are also LOTS of Loading Times. LOTS. So, if the Adventure Mode maybe a bit shaky depending on the user, what the hell is the point of going through it? Simple. CHARACTERS. UNS3 is has one of the worst starting characters available. Seriously, I wanted to use Shinra Tensei ASAP, but no I have to unlock him and go through the adventure mode. So, unless you plan to just get a save file from the net, you are forced to play Adventure Mode to unlock the characters. There are tons and tons and tons to unlock BTW.
Finally, in terms of Gameplay, I would have to say UNS3 is one of the most user-friendly fighting game out there. There is basically just one action button, Circle. The actions are dependent upon your Chakra (Charged via Triangle) and your left analog stick. Square is for throwing projectiles and X is for jumping. R2 lets you block and L2 lets you use Substituton Jutsu (A much more efficient Blocking Scheme). It may look simplistic but its actually kind of fun. Fans and those looking for a new fighting game may indeed find something worthwhile with UNS3.

1.    Graphics (4.5/5)

The Graphics are absolutely amazing. The Characters look 100% like the show and the visuals is lush and colorful. With the various cut scenes and the amazing Graphics, it feels like watching the Anime in 3D and interactive style. After unlocking all the available characters, most, if not all, will likely be impressed with the diverse ninjutsu animations UNS 3 has to offer. Ultimate Jutsus never get old.

2.    Gameplay (3.4/5)

Its no Tekken or Marvel vs Capcom style. Button mashing is relatively pointless as Circle is all you need to press. It may get boring with the repetitive action but it gets fun as the fight progress and when Chakra based moves are used. The single button gameplay maybe the games’ downfall as one may will definitely not get the Chakra- Action attacking scheme but it works quite well and actually captures the feel of the game.

3.    Sound (4/5)

The sound is amazing! I would suggest using a Japanese audio for a better feel with the Anime, but the English works fine too. The lip sync may not be accurate but voice acting is spot on. The various groans and comments while fighting adds to the flavor. The background music blends perfectly with the match.

4.    Replayability (5/5)

There are tons to unlock and that is just half of it. UNS3 is a fighting game so expect tons of hours of multiplayer gaming, especially if you have lots of friends. There is also an Online Mode which adds to the number of hours you will immense yourself with the Game, it was suggested to be to fight Nagato online as he was annoyingly hard, I haven’t triend it yet but I will soon.

CONCLUSION (4.225/5)

            Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 will most likely appeal to fans especially those who want to catch up to the series. But its fate ultimately lies with how the people will like the Gameplay as it is both the games’ weakness and its strength. UNS3 is a break from the traditional Button-Mashing style of fighting games out there. I haven’t tried the previous Ninja Storms but I was extremely pleased with this one. The immense Anime feel, the lustrous Ninjutsu animation, the awesome Ultimate Jutsu finish and the tons of hours for multiplayer and online gaming is an awesome feat that UNS3 captures.

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