Friday, May 10, 2013

NBA 2K13: Through the Eyes of a PS2 Gamer



The last console NBA game I played was NBA 2k11 it maybe not as long ago I played it on my PlayStation 2. Up until last month I was still playing it. From 2k11 release up until last month I have been consistently playing the game. Not to brag but I may have very well been the greatest ps2 2k11 gamer out there as I have played 5 full seasons 4 minutes per game hall of fame difficulty and I have adjusted the shot success of AI to 70%. The game may not have changed much since NBA 2k9 but it was all I had left.

I was constantly seeking the thrill of NBA and I have found a new love in NBA 2k13 of the Android platform. As impressive as the game is I am frustrated with the bias this game has. Playing on home court virtually ensures you victory as shots just go down. When a visiting team, its crazy hard to shoot a 3-Pointer, even drives misses.

Now as I graduate I have been blessed with a Ps3 and of course NBA 2k13 will not be excluded from games I will play. Initially I was very much enthused and excited as the reviews were positive. The moment I plugged the game in the sound and the graphics blew me away. It was a significant improvement in terms of home screen alone and the game modes are insane. The additional teams were no question the best. Dream team was just phenomenal. As I played the game for the first time, no question, the excitement I felt was unparalleled! After that everything went down, as amazing as the graphics is, the controls were hugely revamped, for the first few games, it was hard and unenjoyable as Fuck, the Tutorials did not help either as it did not showcase how to properly use the Shot stick + L2 shooting.

I immediately hated the game and took a hiatus from 2k13 gaming. A few days back, I tried to play it again, I set the difficulty on Hall-of-Fame for the first few games, I set it to All-star, and it was the most sense filled decision I made in a while. After lowering the difficulty, I familiarized myself with the controls and I’m slowly but surely getting the hang of it, and not surprisingly I fell in love with the Franchise once more. The improvements the game offered are truly a blast especially to someone who came from an earlier generation of consoles. I hated the game because the change in control and pace of the game were drastic, but these changes are actually what make it the Best NBA to date. The game feels like the real deal and the physics, commentary, and gameplay makes it feel such. Truly a great purchase. I have always been a Laker Fan but Lakers just aren’t doing it for me, I am still their fan but my team for this game is the Miami Heat!

1.    Graphics (4.8/5)

The Graphics are absolutely amazing. Players look painstakingly like their real-life counterpart. The Home Screen alone is a sight to behold. PS2 NBAs have consistently had the same Title Screen, the Cover then Press Start with the same options only changing in color palates used. The improvements on Ps2 are minimal to none with slight update on Player’s Faces. Vujacic and Gasol looked alike in NBA 2k9. Now, I highly doubt there are any face on 2k13 which look alike. The Graphics and player’s movements are spot-on. Superstar’s gestures were also captured close to perfection. Replays are always fun to watch especially if you posterize a human opponent to further rub it in his face.

2.    Gameplay (4.5/5)

The gameplay is also one of the games’ bread and butter as it feels the same as the real thing. The Shot stick now lets you pull of amazing dribbles and ball handling prowess, press L2 and you shoot the ball. It maybe frustrating at first but you will find it fun in time, finding the right angle and release to your players never gets old.

3.    Sound (4.7/5)

With the participation of Jay-Z, I was skeptical about it but the soundtrack selection fits the game nicely, you will find familiar soundtracks from past NBAs and some old songs, I really liked the inclusion of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. The commentators Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg are an amazing feat. Ps2 Versions have received the same commentary crap for three years. I haven’t even played 2k8 and 2k12 and I there is a high probability they are the same. The commentary for 2k13 is just amazing and same as the gameplay, it feels like the real deal as Clark and Kevin seem like they can talk forever without looping. Even player’s screams were included which was fun hearing them ‘OHHHH’ every now and then. Doris Burke also has some courtside report to add an extra NBA flavor.

4.    Replayability (5/5)

There are tons of Game modes and the MyPlayer option will surely keep hardcore fans playing. Just playing a Quick Game is fun by yourself, the additional teams alone makes it a fun experience to play against the Dream Team or teams from the past. Imagine playing with a friend and the fun it brings. The online play further lengthens its Replayability. Having played 2k11 for almost three years (it was released on 2010), the addition and improvements of 2k13 keeps me want to play it over and over again.


            Make no mistake, NBA 2k13 is the best NBA out there. The addition and drastic changes over its Ps2 predecessors will make one’s eye drool. Sure the controls have been majorly revamped but it is for the good thing. NBA 2k13 almost perfectly catches the feel of an actual NBA game. It’s that amazing! Call in some friends over and you have multiplayer bonanza! Overall, this game is a Norman’s Random approved and highly recommended for Fans and those looking for a fun multiplayer!

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