Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MyPhone A919 Duo Full Week Test!

MyPhone A919 Duo Full Week Test!


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                So far the Cherry Mobile Flare and Cherry Mobile Titan has had a positive review, with my Flare having its own stress test hereAfter using and stress testing my MyPhone A919 duo, I have to say I am very very impressed with it. I have to admit I was initially sceptical about it but the past week has proven me wrong. Read on to find out how the A919 performs.

Friends’ Feedback

            Having continuously change cellphone in the past month, my classmates were less than surprised to see me holding a new phone. Still, most of them took a little time to explore it, most of them commented on its similarity to the Titan and a few noticed the better display and color of the MyPhone, overall, most of them liked it.

The Stress Test

            I am going to share to you the super test this phone had to endure. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Cebu for our field trip, before the day started, I charged my phone. As we rode the bus for our first destination, I played a 2-minute per quarter NBA game; I am pleased to say it ate only 2% of the battery. After eating breakfast, the bus travelled again, this time I played a 20 minute episode of Family Guy, only another 2% of the battery was drained. The process of alternating between gaming, video watching and music playing would last a day with some friends even playing with the phone. I am really impressed to see the phone hold a relatively high 30% battery at about 6pm which would drop to about 26% at 9pm on standby. Before I go to sleep each night, I often have a phone conversation with my future wife, the call would last for at least an hour, and an hour of talking would only drain as much as 10% on the battery. This test was done for almost 5 consecutive days with results being almost always identical. Of course, I wouldn’t forget its camera performance, generally, I still think shots are good but what sickens me is its inability to catch a scene especially if one would move even with just a tiny slither, yep, one move and your picture is blurred as shit. I don’t think it’s that much of a deal breaker.

            Miscellaneous tests:

Skype- 1 Hour 10-20%
Browsing – 10 minute browsing 1-2%
Gaming – 15 Minutes consume 2-5% battery, on continuous usage, it managed to exponentially drain my battery up to about 30%
Loudspeaker Music- 1 Hour Loudspeaker 15-20%

Sample Images:
Acong Talonga

Acong Talonga

Stress test Two-Cents

            Admittedly I was skeptical about this phone as it cost much more than the Titan and it had a theoretically much disappointing battery life. As of now, I am greatly surprised on its performance and using it has been a joy, you could say this could be my dream back up phone as it sports a giant 5 inch vibrant screen, a snappy interface, and an amazing battery life experience. All of my expectations were met and surpassed tremendously, if you would ask me, this is a definitive definition of bang for the buck. Arguably the best Rebranded phone as of now!

Now Eyeing Cloudfone Thrill 430x!


  1. actually the fone is really great but i hate the UI coz its a bit static, i tried all kinds of launcher but still the same thing compare to titan very fluid...

  2. pa confirm lang po how true ang MyPhone A888 ?

  3. Planning to buy this phone on Christmas! Still saving a few bucks. I'm convinced that the a919 is better than the Titan thanks to you. :-) I love your reviews btw! Keep it up.

    1. yea, this fone is absolutely better than the titan... but a tough competition with cloudfone 430x