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Cloudfone Thrill 430x The Super Test!

Cloudfone Thrill 430x The Super Test!




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               Cloudfone Thrill 430x is one of today’s Rebrander’s Big Three, along with CherryMobile Titan and MyPhone A919. It melted hearts and swooned buyers with its colossal 4160mah battery, theorized to last three days with a price tag higher than the Titan but lower than A919. Aside from the battery, initial buyers could be pushed back by its unattractive form and heaviness. Physicality is not a major factor for me so I went for it and gave it a try. Finally, I have had the chance to fully test its capabilities in real life situations.

Friends’ Feedback

            Prior to acquisition of this phone, my friends and classmates did not even know of the Cloudfone Brand as they thought it was the name of a phone from either Cherry or MyPhone. As I asked them if I was to trade my A919 for this, most of them said no as most of them were impressed with the A919. Still, I pushed through with the deal. As I shoved it to their faces, most of them were also not impressive with its physical looks but they were surprised at its very clear screen. They were also amazed on how it sported a 4160mah battery along with my story on its performance. What I told them? Read on and find out for yourself.

The Stress Test

START! (100% at 2.45pm December 17)
            I acquired this phone on Sunday 1pm, and made initial tests with it, admittedly initially, I was not impressed as battery discharge percentage was dropping quickly. As I charged it at 9am it took me almost 6 hours to fully charge it, as 100% Mark was achieved at 2.45pm. One hour of music drained 5%. As I travelled from UST to Laguna, I played music on the LRT, played an hour of video on the bus and 30 Minutes of games, by 10pm my battery was at about 71%. At 10pm, I called my special someone and talked for almost 2 hours, by then my battery was at a whopping 68%, this is where I was extremely amazed. As I slept and woke up at about 6am, I was even more amazed to see 66% battery. YES ONLY TWO PERCENT DROP FOR 6 HOURS. At this point, I never plugged the phone to a charger and had faith that this will last me another day.
            As I went journeyed to UST at about 9am, I was stuck in heavy traffic, I was able to watch three 45-Minute Episode of The O.C. with a little bit of music, I reached UST at about 12nn with 44% battery and proceeded to more important stuffs like studying. A few texts here and there and my battery dropped to 43% at 2.30pm. After a brief studying I played for almost an hour, one thing I noticed was when playing games continuously when the machine heats up, it drastically drains the battery from then on. After gaming, I was down to about 25% and finally decided to go home. As I travelled from UST to Project 8, I listened to music and it drained my battery down to 20%. At 12mn, I decided to charge it with a hefty 13% battery left. I forgot to mention, the test was done on max brightness setting.


            With this super test here was what I was able to observe:
1.    On standby with light texting and calling, this phone could pretty much last a whole month – I find this stupid, why the hell would you spend P7777 and not use it?
2.    This phone is not even close to A919 or Titan when playing Games especially HD Games.
3.    The phone is pretty much just a faster Cherry Mobile Flare, admittedly not as smooth as the Titan or A919
4.    When Playing Music, slight pauses can be heard, no idea why
5.    It has a very impressive audio output earphones attached
6.    When plugged to a computer, sometimes safely removing takes a long time
7.    It typically takes 6 hours to charge
8.    When plugged to a computer, notification settings will revert back to default (I’m Using GoSms Pro)
9.  It has a very impressive 8Mp Cameras with hell of a lot of options to choose from

            Yes I know that I said this phone can probably last a month with light use, but what the hell did you buy this phone for? Android phones are meant to be used, even abused. Personally, I think it is the best Operating System out there for its straight-forward and hassle free usage. Want to play a music? Copy paste, want to play a game? download an apk from the web or simply download from playstore! Want to play a movie? Copy paste, you can play virtually any video on an Android phone, as the numerous apps will let you play almost any video file you can think of. Unlike Symbian phones, you can download hundred thousand of apps for free, you don't even need to hack your phone to run simple games and apps.  Unlike iOs, you don't need to be locked to Apple-only products when transferring files, music or anything. If you would use this phone for texting, get a freaking Nokia 101 for crying out loud, even Nokia 3310 will fit your need nicely. For an Android Phone to be able to play 4 Hours music, 4 hours video, 2 Hours  HD Gaming(NBA 2k13), almost 4 hours call at  MAX BRIGHTNESS on ONE SINGLE CHARGE, that sure is darn impressive! This result was almost already duplicated today as my usage of an android phone is redundant.  For me, the bogus 3-day battery life is not a big deal breaker as it has pretty much served me well. If anyone would ask me if Cloudfone Thrill is a recommended device I would say yes with two thumbs up!

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