Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nokia N8! The Symbian Experience Final Day!

Nokia N8!
The Symbian Experience Final Day



            What a Glorious Day! I finally rid myself of the superficially ugly Nokia N8. I never thought I could sell this but I did. Though it maybe great that I sold it, there are things to dislike about the move. Prominent ones are:
·         I Never Got a chance to finish the Symbian Experience Week.
·         I planned to do a crazy review about it on the last day, sadly this would be impossible.
·         I sold it at a super bargain(Bought for P3800 Sold for P3000).
·         In the two short days I was with the phone, I grew to be attached to it.

Unlike the scammer who sold me the phone, I was completely honest with the buyer, I even confirmed him if he was really going to buy and if he has seen the pictures. Luckily, he said yes! He bidded for 2500 but I said no thanks he asked for 2700 but I said 3k was my last price. So we had a deal. Mabait si Kuya understanding siya, and I was as honest as can be as possible to avoid problems. Ayokong manloko, kahit naloko ako. I won't risk my honor for a measly P800. I gave him complete honesty with the unit. Madali mabawi ang pera, ang dignidad hindi. (AKALAIN MONG INSTILL NA SA DUGO KO THOMASIAN VALUES) :)))))

Luckily for me, this was a day when the class was so boring I had a chance to fiddle with the device’s Settings, Browsing, Gaming and Camera. I think these are few of the major points that needed attention and by completeing the aforementioned points, I can say the Symbian Experience reached 80%. So without further ado, here comes the Final Day of the Symbian Experience! Enjoy Guys!

Friends’ Feedback

Can You See the Earth Bulge? LOL
            For a group of undergrads in their early twenties, vanity shots never go out of style. Having my Nokia N8 proves it. As our Review Class ended, I whipped out my Nokia N8 and took snapshots from PERC to Chicboy near Padre Noval. I had a funny shot which showed the Earth Bulge(Tummy) of my friend (Lavyu Charles HAHAHA). The Nokia N8’s amazing camera was able to zoom on it and gave us a laugh or two. The shots went on before, while and after eating. Nokia N8’s camera is still, undoubtedly, one of the best today.


The Experience

            Yesterday(June 25), I installed Games on my Nokia N8, they were Plants vs Zombies, Temple Run 2, NOVA 3, Iron Man 3, Bejeweled, Metal Slug, Hero of Sparta and The Dark Knight Rises. All of them maybe laggy but its amazing how Nokia N8 still gets support from Developers. 

           Sure Temple Run 2 was a cheap and annoying Rip-off (Chinese/Japanese shit), but the others were gold. Hero of Sparta is a good looking Action Adventure Game with great controls and Plants VS Zombies was just amazing! NOVA 3 and Batman maybe platformers but it was entertaining enough to kill some minutes on the road. Heck, Iron Man 3 was better on Symbian than it is on Android! NO KIDDING! For a gaming device, I have overly underestimated the Nokia N8 and was actually filled with nostalgic fun and excitement! Want to get games? Head on to Nokia N8 Fanclub now!

Aside from gaming, I briefly used the phone to browse the Net, it was as expected, slow and laggy, but it was able to play Be Careful With My Heart on YouTube! It’s still bearable to some but, honestly, not for me. 

The settings also give you a nostalgic feel as it very much looks like a beefed and touchscreenitized Symbian S60v3 Settings.

As mentioned earlier, the Camera is just amazing, here are some of my Lime Green Nokia N8 final shots. Enjoy!


            Nokia N8 is a three year old phone, and by today’s standards it looks small and fat with resolution way behind. I don’t know why but as bad as it may seem by today’s standards, it still looks like an exquisite and elegant phone, its amazing on how three years did little to demolish the feel of holding a God Phone three years ago. Try holding a Samsung Galaxy S2 now and you will feel more outdated than holding a Nokia N8.

            Reminiscing aside, and putting it into everyday use, N8 may not give you the same flexibility and apps Android can give but it has enough to get you through a day with style. For simplistic people, this can be a good choice for you. Nokia N8 has stood against the test of time and will provide you with the ones which are truly important! Here’s a run-down of Nokia N8’s performance based on my Three Day Experience.

·         Audio Quality – Definitely better than all of the rebranded phones I have tried, Stereo Widening and Loudness is a great touch

·         Video Playback – Not able to play mkv files and shows problems on bigger files.

·         Browsing- Tolerable, but shows weakness and lags

·         Response- Nokia has to show its age somehow, this is where it is prominent. Very laggy

·         Gaming – Not Android or iOS many but there are lots of Gem left on its tank

·         Camera – Simply one of the best today. See the pics to appreciate

I commend Nokia for making such a wonderful phone! In conclusion, I dub thee a Norman’s Randoms/ PowerBondSeven Golden Thumbs Up of Approval!

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