Monday, June 24, 2013

Nokia N8! The Symbian Experience Day 1

Nokia N8!
The Symbian Experience Day 1



            There comes a time in everyone’s life that we make a stupid mistake. I have had a fair share of stupidity but none may trump this latest one. There I was scanning for a Nokia N8, it was my dream phone back then and I really wanted to try one out. I found one on the second hand market which indicated a 98% Smoothness. I asked for a discount but he did not want my price so I moved one, but he kept bugging me to the point that he agreed to my price and agreed to my meetup. That moment I sensed something fishy. The package was unit only. When he said he agreed to my meetup and price he immediately texted me:

Buyer: ‘Sige munoz papunta nako’ (ok lets meet at munoz I’m on my way)

I was surprised, I did not even confirm, but since he had a relatively good feedback, I went to Munoz. And that was when the catastrophic clusterfuck began. They were two big bodied person and when the unit is shown Holy Fuck it was as ugly as the Seller! Maybe even uglier! I tested the unit and it was working fine but when I got to the camera, I asked him how to activate the front cam and he did not know. BULLSHIT. I admit it was my mistake for getting the unit amidst the Fail seller. It’s just too sad. As of now I’m quitting buying units from untrusted sellers and next time I will have the guts to back out of a deal. Charge to experience nalang. The unit I got was working properly except for the non-functioning front camera which still does not work amidst the Flashing of Symbian Belle. SAD SAD SAD.

Anyways, instead of wallowing and crying, I know someday I will be a successful Electronics and Communication Engineer or a College Engineering Science Teacher, I know I will get the money I lost back in time. Tiwala lang. in addition to a positive outlook in the future, I decided to use the phone instead of wasting money. For this week I will give you a daily short experience of the phone. And without further ado this is it! The Symbian Experience Day 1!

Friends’ Feedback

            Day one is probably the most critical day of all, I initially had no intention of showing this horrendous looking marvel to my friends but my loud mouth and braggadocian attitude did not contain it for long. I showed it to my friends and I was relieved by their reception, as ugly as the unit was the greeting was filled with praise like ‘ UYY AYAN YUNG KAY JEYO DB?’(Hey, this was Jeyo’s phone, right?)  ‘ITO YUNG DIYOS NA PHONE DATI DB? (This was the God Phone before right).
            A little bit of sharing, 3 years ago, when N8 was launched my friend had it and we were all amazed as it had capabilities we never knew smartphones had, his N8 had about three key memories which made me love it, we watched a movie when we had no teacher, through its HDMI and TV-out, it was the source of music when we had a christmas party, PLAY VIA RADIO was badass. And it had an amazing 12MP Camera.
            As bad looking as the unit is, it was praised for its prowess and brought nostalgia to us. We were 3rd year college back then, now look at us, unemployed graduates HAHAHAHA.

The Experience

            Every day I travel, I use my back up phone as a multimedia entertainment. There is no way I will watch using my Note 2. Today I use N8 and after I got on the jeep, I opened Nokia N8’s video app, and to my great relief it was able to play a 175MB AVI File without any problem. What I noticed was the substantial lag when jumping onto a different time. Browsing and exploring the phone was also a forgettable experience as it is relatively laggy by today’s standards. Typing on the keyboard using QWERTY is good for sadists out there. Fortunately, its alphanumeric keyboard works fine, kind of like using a decade ago’s phones. I took some snapshots along the way and boy is the camera impressive! One thing to remember, NEVER USE THIS PHONE FOR STOLEN SHOTS! Its infrared always activates even if the flash is off. Nevertheless, the image quality is great! The music is also an enjoyable experience as it delivered loud, clear and clean audio with an amazing feature namely Loudness and Stereo Widening, the former is self-explanatory while the latter GREATLY ENHANCES your audio experience especially if you are a stereo geek.

            It did not offer anything special but it did get me through the day. Though I still feel saddened on how ugly and battered this phone looks.

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