Monday, June 17, 2013

Griffin Caps Try Hard Review: The Best of the Less

Griffin Caps Try Hard Review

The Best of the Less



Great Audio Quality
Works on almost everything
Good Build nd Sturdy
Good Bass
3 Pairs of Caps
Approximately P150 ($3.5) Only


Hard to find!
No Mic


First and foremost I have absolutely no idea how to review an earphone, but this one just deserves some recognition. If you have been a constant follower or reader of my blog, you would have noticed that most of my reviews on the audio department is made with respect to using the Griffin Bolts Caps. This is to give you generalization on how good a phone sounds. Over the last 6 months I have constantly used these Caps and it has given me a solid audio quality. I may not be an audio geek but I sure can notice a boost on the bass. It has outclassed every stock headset on rebranded phones and has fared comparably well against A4Tech Secure Fit MK650B and Sennheiser MX470, the latter being a bit better that Bolts cap. Though I have to admit, those Philip buds around P400 above still sounds better. Also, during those six months, since I don’t expect this one to last for about three months, I treat it like shit, pulling it out of the bag without care, wearing it while I sleep, getting tangled and such and to my surprise its still here with me, hence the good and sturdy build. The three included caps are of different size and one of it it will surely fit. Lastly, this one is priced at a measly P150 only, it may very well be one of the best on its price range. Well, the only one close to that range you can buy, as far as I know, are CDR-King Brand which I know many will agree that their product’s quality is questionable. Tired of spending Hundreds for an earphone? Want to spend your cash elsewhere? Why not try a Griffin Bolts Cap! Sa murang halaga, naka Bolts ka na! =))))

P.S. As mentioned earlier, I have absolutely no experience in reviewing an Earphone/Earbud/Headset, these are based on personal experience with Bolts after 6 months

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  1. Found a pair of these for. $5.00, and they are pretty darn decent for the price. Better than my stock Apple EarPods, And many other earbuds, including SkullCandy, Sony, etc in the $30-40 range. Very hard to find, as you said.