Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nokia N8! The Symbian Experience Day 2: Music and Video Playing

Nokia N8!
The Symbian Experience Day 2




            Today marks the second day of my Symbian Experience project, since I have no classes today I think I will have a better chance of appreciating and covering nooks and crannies of the phone. Today, I tackled the phone’s Music and Video Playback much extensively. Without further ado, here is The Symbian Experience Day 2!

The Experience

File Transfer 8MBps

            To elongate this blog, let me share something with you guys. When I first got this phone, it had Symbian Anna. Hours after, I could not bear with the slow interface and I decided to upgrade it into Belle, and the experience was undoubtedly better. Today I tinkered with the device and tried to install some apps, Nokia always had a quirky way of app installation but its file transfer is definitely very fast at about 8MBps. As mentioned yesterday, Music Playback is one of this phone’s strong suit, playing those songs that uses the Stereo is a joy and higher Bit Rate song sound much better here than playing them on other phones. (Better than rebranded phones and HTC Google Nexus One). Though I have to point out, as good as the music is, Nokia N8’s stock music player has a big flaw. And that is the lack of search button. SEARCH is of huge importance to me, as I have 5GB 900 songs, it’s almost impossible to find what you are looking for just by scrolling. I have tried installing other music apps but TTPod, my Android Favourite, cannot be installed unless I hack my phone which I will NEVER do for the time being. Ever since Nokia’s Music Player on my N86, only TTPod has the power to search for a song and then play another song. Most Music players out there stop playing after the song you searched is finished. I expected Nokia N8 to have the same power but no! It’s very annoying to whip out my phone to search it manually every time. I installed TuneWiki but it takes forever to boot up and requires me to have an account. I want a hassle free player with search. Is that too much to ask Nokia? Moving on, Nokia N8’s Stock music player feature 3 options which can give you a unique experience, Loudness, which is self-explanatory, Stereo Widening, slightly attenuates voice but makes better use of the song and the phone’s Stereo and play via Radio which makes your phone an FM Transmitter. When using this feature, turn on your radio and turn into an unused frequency. Tuning into station like 101.9, 101.1 or the likes is extremely useless as their signals can kick the N8’s transmission even if it is latched to the radio.

The Simpsons 170MB AVI

The OC 300MB AVI 

Naruto 300MB 720p MKV

Acong Talonga 300MB WMV

Family Guy 84MB MP4

After music playing, I now moved on into Video Playback, again, I was not able to install any other Video player due to my unhacked N8 so I am still stuck with the Stock, as with android, baring the Note Series, stock video players tend to be shit but Nokia N8’s stock does a pretty decent job. Opening the Videos, you see a list of your videos, if your porn I unhidden expect to see it here LOL. It has two tabs, your videos and web where you can download movies. The option button brings you Sort By, Mark Multiple Videos, User Guide and Exit. I put different types of video on my N8, Digimon (mkv), The OC (300MB AVI), Acong Talonga (300MB WMV File GO WATCH IT NOW!), Family Guy (83MB mp4), Amnesia Girl (700MB AVI) and Naruto (315MB 720p mkv). Surprisingly, 4 out of 6 worked and you probably guessed which two did not work. The MKV files. Honestly, I did not think it would be able to play Family guy but it did. Digimon played the video but did not play the audio and Naruto suffered Vice-verse Digimon. Overall, the video playback by today’s standard is fair but I you have to know that skipping to a different time sometimes result to a long loading time. Sound is very good also, especially on loudspeaker. Oh yeah, I watched a 20-Simpson episode on loudspeaker and the battery is still at 98%. BEAT THAT ANDROID.

As the day ends, I can say Nokia N8 is shaping up to still be a good phone for today especially for Multimedia Playback the amazing battery life is something which will attract those looking for a phone built to last for days. I have watched about 6 hours of Simpsons today, and the battery is still at a beefy 57%. Definitely impressive. From 100% last10pm(June 24). Still I am annoyed on how this phone looks. I’m sorry if I keep bringing its cosmetics up but you have to understand how important cosmetics is in the world of buy and sell, its ugliness will force me to drop its price near desperation even though its functioning properly! Honestly, the ‘It’s not on the outside’ shit is not applicable to phones. Better looking will always be better every day.

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