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My History of Gaming! Video Game Console Forever!

My History of Gaming!
Video Game Console Forever!

Console Gaming

One of the most frequent question a gamer may hear maybe ‘PC or Gaming Console’. Both these platforms have pros and cons of their own which I will not discuss here. This is an entry on my blog based on personal experience and perspective to this age old question.

First I want to let the hate out and say why I’m not a PC Gamer. Sure PC offers better graphics and tons of add-ons to a game but you need to upgrade it every now and then to maximize a game’s potential. It might be cheaper but, if I’m not mistaken, PC Gamers actually know how to build their own PC, and they keep up with the latest technology. On a lazy man’s point of view, like me, that seems like a lot of work to research what you will put on your PC. I am willing to bet all my Griffin Bolt Headset that you customized your PC yourself, if you built it I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want anyone else touching your PC as much as possible. Going to my next reason why I never am a PC Gamer. PC has to be the most selfish platform ever, sure there are tons of Multi-player games out there but what I meant is the classic thrill of two players fighting each other, admit it trashtalking is much fun when you can ‘in-your-face’ your opponent. Sure you can play some fighting games on your PC but would you want your friends mindlessly button mashing your precious Razer Keyboard? Ok so yeah you can plug in a controller but hey, can you really enjoy multiplayer gaming cramped on your monitor? Not everyone has a 3 Screen monitor :D A 32 Inch TV is much cheaper. Lastly, this one I will probably get a lot of hate. The last reason why I hate PC Gaming is the undeniable shitloads of pirates. To all my friends how many of you have original PC games? Have you ever been to a computer shop? If I have to estimate I would have to say there are atleast a thousand computers around my school in Manila, I highly doubt any PC there has legit games. Hahahaha. I’m not going to be a hypocrite I do admit I download stuff from the internet and I do have some PC games, but at some point, I PERSONALLY believe that every now and then you ought to support the creators of the things you want. I don’t think one original PC Game a year won’t hurt. I’m sorry for those who got hit with that statement, I just don’t like the idea of boastful gamers telling you they finished tons of games, all pirated. Ohh yeah, just to share I do play PC Games, as of now I play Diablo 2, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Red Alert 2 and Warcraft 3 and DOTA 2. This is the article which made me very sorry for the developer.

Now it’s time to tell you why I love my Video Game Consoles! At about age four or five I had my very first Family Computer, and yes I play what most kids played back then. I was not much of an outside boy which resulted to me being fat, most times I was inside playing. I often summoned my friends to our house for playing games such as Super Mario, Gradius, Twin Bee, Legend of Kage, Urban Champion, Battle City, Lode Runner, Popeye, o the list goes on. Playing with friends was exciting back then, it still is now! I had my Family Computer up until about age six until it finally got broken, I forgot why, I was so devastated back then, I tried the usual twist and turn the cable to make it work but it just did not. Hey dpn’t blame me, I was just a kid, now that I’m a BS ECE I’m 100% confident that I still won’t be able to fix it =)))) I don’t know why but one day, my dad took me to a game shop in Waltermart and we purchased a PlayStation 1, that was year 2000. Yeah I’m 1 generation late but that did not stop me from having the time of my life. Being the first kid on the block to own a PS1 immediately makes you cool. Initially, I hogged the PS1 for myself, since my parents did not want to get me addicted I was limited to play the PS1 for only an hour a day and I can only play it every summer. After about a summer, I eventually called my friends again to play with me. Our favourite game? Tekken 3 of course. Along with Dragonball GT, Crash Team Racing, Marvel VS Capcom, Streetfighter and Metal Slug, and WWF SMackdown, those were the days. 

Last year, April 2012, my Playstation One was revived, as we had OJT I had to stay on our place in Mandaluyong, the PS1 provided me and my classmates something to kill the time instead of gaying out HAHAHHA. We played PS1 and then watched Spongebob every 9pm and 11pm. My PS1 is still stationed on Mandaluyong with the controller now almost 13 years old still working fine!

As the years passed, my neighbors eventually outgrew playing videogames. From about 6 friends I had only one friend to play with. After sometime, I grew tired of the PS1 and retired it for good. 2006 came, my aunts and relatives visited us from states and what did they bring ohh yes! A Nintendo Wii and a Playstation 2! My eyes opened wide when those two boxes came out I was drooling in my mind. Since I had two more brothers and I was going to college I had to pick one to take with me to Quezon City. I chose the PS2. Luckily for us both consoles had games Wii had Paper Mario, Wii Sports and Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and PS2 had WWE 2006 and Ultimate Alliance. I was a generation late again with Sony but back then PS2 had much much juice in its tank. I only had a brief time with Wii, and I used it to unlock DBZ characters and have fun with my friends again. This time, I invited my classmates. I have to say DBZ 3 on the Wii is one of the most exhilarating video games ever. It maybe the same thum thump Kamehameha cliché but actually moving the controller to gain edge over your opponent never gets old. SUPER CLASHES ARE AMAAAZIIIING!!! For the PS2, I bought only one original Game, Tekken 5, the rest were from quaipo. Yeah I’m such a hypocrite. The times I had with Ps2 were great, I only wished I did not play the best action adventure game before I played the preceeding titles as this particular game made other games look shit. Yes, I’m talking about the amazing world of God of War! It was the first action-adventure game I played and it was marvellous, the controls were silky smooth and the graphics were to die for. The nudity was a big plus and it had a captivating story. That was the day I became a Sony fan, vowing to get a PS3 after sometime. With the excitement of God of War, I tried playing other titles such as Devil May Cry and Prince of Persia but it was just not the same. As late 2010 arrived, I had nothing to play but NBA 2k11 which I just stopped playing last March 2013. I played Association extensively and I stopped halfway of season 2015-2016.

Why I stopped playing NBA 2k11, it was because after 7 years I finally got my hands on a Playstation 3. Immediately after I bought one I told myself I will be a solid ps3 supporter and only buy original games. The first game I bought? God of War Saga and God of War Origins. After finishing God of War 3 I decided to buy a different game, the one that got my attention was Assassin’s Creed Series, and it was one of the best series there is! How cool was it to assassinate and be on a time of Jesus Christ. How cool was it to beat the shit out of Pope Rodrigo Borgia. I knew some characters were real I just did not think the AC series would be brave enough to actually put Rodrigo Borgia there. I finished the game before I learned Rodrigo Borgia was a pope in real life. Hahahahaha! Now as I continue my search for Uncharted Series, AC Revelations and AC 3, I purchase fighting games. After about 5 years I summoned my classmates last summer and we played some Naruto 3, Tekken and WWE. Gamers never die I suppose, now I look forward to my next break and invite them over again, as of now I have the following multiplayer games to fill my needs:

·         Tekken 6
·         Tekken Hybrid
·         Streetfighter X Tekken
·         Streetfighter 4
·         Naruto Shipudden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
·         Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
·         WWE ‘12         
·         NBA 2k13

            It may not be that much but it can surely make hours into minutes! Today, I do not see myself cramped up infront of a PC to play games, I imagine myself playing PS4 a good 5 years from now. If you have some multiplayer games there why not sell one to me I will barat you so much hahahaha!  I also play handheld games but that’s a different story!

Writing this blog made me very nostalgic :’)

Family Computer:
·         1995-1999
·         Fave Game: Super Mario Brothers 3

Playstation One:

·         2000 – 2005(1st Retirement, Put on attic)
·         2012- Present (Revival in Mandaluyong)
·         Fave Games: Tekken 3, Monster Rancher 2, WWF Smackdown 2!

Playstation Two:

o    2006-Present (Used by my Brother)
o    Fave Games: Tekken 5, God of War 1 and 2, NBA 2k11, WWE 2006


·         2006-2011 (Not functioning anymore)
·         Fave Games: Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Playstation Three:

·         2013-Present
·         Fave Games: GOW 3, AC Series, NBA 2k13

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