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Cherry Mobile CRUIZE! Is Cruizin’ Made For Love?!

Cherry Mobile CRUIZE!

Is Cruizin’ Made For Love?!




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            Finally! After a month of absence in the world of blogging due to countless project and submission of requirements (I’m a 5th year hopefully Graduating Student by April 4), I am back! I originally planned to do a review about Samsung Galaxy Note 2 VS Apple iPhone 5, but I think it deserves much time of researching and experience before one can do a mildly respectable review. So for now, I intend to sharpen my reviewing skills by reviewing another hot phone on the market. Better late than never I suppose.
Having been a Phablet fan ever since Note 1, my love for this type was further amplified by acquisition of the Fantastic Galaxy Note 2. Cherry then released a BIG device. I’m not sure if Cherry Mobile Cruize can be considered a Phablet, but IN TERMS OF SIZE WITH RESPECT TO GALAXY NOTE 1, I will, for the sake of this review, consider this phone a PHABLET.
Admittedly, I see Cherry now as a sinusoidal brand, sometimes well sometimes bad sometimes neutral. Cherry MobileFlare was a huge hit but I personally did not like it, but it was indeed a good phone. Cherry Mobile SkyFire was the worst among all the Cherry Mobile Phones that I reviewed and Cherry Mobile Titan was the best. So with its ups and down with respect to my taste, Where will this Phablet stand? Read on and find out!

1. THE PACKAGE (8.3 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX

            A huge Purple box screams cool!

1.2 What’s in the Box?

                Cherry Mobile Cruize offers nothing that has already been seen and tested over the past few months, though you will notice it has a better looking Charger than SkyFire, Titan and Flare. The package includes: the white charger, standard earphones, and a USB Cable.

2. PHONE SUPERFICIALITY (9.4 out of 10)

                Cherry Mobile Cruize is a 5.2 Inch Screen phone that actually looks and feels like that of the higher end models, it’s not as fat as the Titan and it does not feel as awkward and heavy for its size. It has a unique back that is very touchy. The sides house the Power Buttons and the Volume Rocker whiles the bottom and the top houses the mouse and the microUSB port and 3.5mm jack, respectively.


3.1 Speakers (9.1 out of 10)

                Out of the three Cherry Phones, only the Titan had the respectable stock audio quality. Not everyone has the capability to Tinker to increase the sound of their phones. Fortunately for music lovers, Cruize offers a respectable audio quality be it loudspeaker or headsets, and that is just using the Stock headsets, using better quality earphones/buds/sets obviously gives you better audio output. Music playing will surely be a better experience with respect to Flare and SkyFire.

3.2 Display / Video Playback (7.3 out of 10)

                P4500 on a 5.3 Inch Screen and you guessed it right. The display resolution is 800x480, same as the Titan. Cruize’s display looks pale and stretched, its simply not pleasing to the eyes. Unlike the Titan it does not have modes to change display mode and at maximum brightness it has poor viewing angles. As for Video Playback, the stock video player can only play a limited number of video types, it cannot play or detect avi files and wmv, fortunately you can use other third party apps, MX Player Pro perhaps?  Another unfortunate weakness of this Phablet is its inability to play 720p videos smoothly, refer to the video to see how it lags on playing 720p 220Mb Big Bang Theory.

3.3 Gaming (7.2 out of 10)

                Android is known for its huge number of games and its ability to run on it virtually any Android-powered device. As for the Cruize, it is able to play mainstream games smoothly, what I did notice is its display when playing games the likes of Temple Run 2, the visuals feel like they lag. Gaming is smooth but prolonged gaming will strain your eyes, I don’t recommend playing fast paced games on this device. As for HD Gaming, my staple NBA 2k13 test has finally failed, and failed very miserably, you will come to the point where you think you can play it but it crashes right before the game. Bummer.
3.4 Camera (7.1 out of 10)

These Images are from Cherry Mobile Cruize.
Unfortunately for the Titan, Cruize won’t join him in bad camera phones section. Cruize’s image quality is not bad, mostly subpar but the quality is tolerable for snapshots here and there. As with the other section, the most evident flaw in this phone is its very slow camera interface and slow shutter speed, taking pictures takes longer than your average camera phone and a simple budge ruins your picture.

3.5 Need for Speed (8.3 out of 10)

RAM and Clockspeed Review

                Many of you might wonder, what are RAM and the Clockspeed for? Should I go for higher RAM, fewer clocks or vice versa? The answer depends on how you use the phone. Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to determine how many apps your unit can run simultaneously. So bigger RAM means you can multi-task much more applications without worrying about lagging on the system.
                Clockspeed is used to determine how fast your system will run a certain application. Simply put, higher Clockspeed means faster phone. THIS IS THE GENERAL IDEA ON RAM AND CLOCKSPEED. Factors on speed are also determined by the chipset architecture, GPU, etc.
Coming from a bunch of dual-cores and a quad-core and then another dual-core comparable to a quad-core, lags were negligible to none. Swiping between screens, opening applications, multi-tasking were done quickly. For the Cruize, I am yet to review a rebranded 1 GHz CPU, but with respect to phone released on its timeline, this has to be one of the slowest, and it’s not that slow but compared to dual-cores with almost the same price this phone lags two laps behind.
As for its Internal Storage, 775MB is generously dedicated to apps and 2GB is user accessible.

3.6 User-Friendliness (9.2 out of 10)

                Another staple for rebranders is its ICS Android OS out of the box, fortunately, Cruize also has it. Anyone will surely be able to familiarize with the phone in a few minutes. Hundreds of customization is available at Google Store to satisfy your insatiable hunger for phone individuality.

3.7 Battery (9.6 out of 10)

Finally! A strong suit! Cherry Mobile Cruize offers a whopping 2500mah battery which actually performs as it is intended. I am yet to stress test the battery but on 2 hours stand by, the battery only dropped 2%. This phone should definitely last you a day.


YOU’RE GONNA FLY AWAY! (8.425 out of 10) 
* Performance is 70%, Package and Looks are both 15% for the total of 100% YEHEY I KNOW MATH :))

                Cherry Mobile has been on a roll lately releasing hits such as Flare, Titan, SkyFire, Flame, Omega, Blaze and the upcoming Fusion Bolt. Along with the aforementioned was Cherry Mobile Cruize. This maybe to capture niche Phablet audiences, as much as it looks and feels expensive, its performance is way below its siblings. With the staple now of being a Dual-cored device, Cruize feels like it got lost in a shuffle. As much as I hate being a critic on a device, as an amateur reviewer, I prefer to tell the truth rather than be a suck-up and biased to a brand. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate the Cruize, personally, this phone suits my ‘back-up phone’ needs. As for the community, most would always choose the one with better value for money and honestly, with a huge number of alternatives, Cruize may not be picked as much as it should. For music and video playing on the go, Cruize is recommendable especially to those who prefer bigger screened phones but are tight on budget, again, don’t expect as much so you won’t get disappointed in the long run ok?





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