Friday, March 22, 2013

Deal Gone Bad!

Deal Gone Bad!

                So there I was, going to swap my Omega to a Blaze with Powerbank. I don’t know why I did not follow my gut but I still went and push through to deal with a pathetic excuse for an unprofessional human being. We texted at Monday (March 18, 2013) for the swap and agreed to meet on Wednesday for I had a baccalaureate mass on Tuesday. Prior to the deal he was haggling me like crazy, texting me continuously asking me if the deal was to push through. I have a good clean record on TipidCp and I told him to check the hell out of my account. He was insistently pestering me on how good his unit was. Secretly, I was like, I know how to read reviews on the internet. Early Wednesday, I had a tremendous feel that this swapper would do a last second back out because of this:

I felt so dumb to have gone all the way from Munoz to Robinsons Galleria to have a ridiculous ‘swapper’ demo my unit. When we were at Galleria he tested the unit for a God Damn Hour! Only to tell me he will not take it because it had a low contrast. I told him that the contrast was low and I told him to watch the video on YouTube or at least read other reviews on the net. The moment he told me that he was not going to take my Phone, which was in pristine condition, I was filled with anger and rage. The hot weather didn’t help either. I walked out on him because I did not want to waste more time to listen to his excuses. Over the phone he told me:

Asshole Swapper:  ‘Alanganamang kunin ko yung unit mo kung hindi ko nagustuhan?’

                This is with no doubt the most idiotic excuse ever. To make things worse he did not even apologize to his actions, a simple sorry would have suffice but no he had to tell me that because I was young and he backed out I was immature to walk out. WTF 90% would do the same thing after you made him go all the way to an uncomfortable place just to have your unit tested and not taken. I posted a Negative Feedback on his TCP account; this was to my disadvantage as he had NO FEEDBACK MEANING HE COULD JUST MAKE ANOTHER ACCOUNT.

What the hell am I supposed to learn from this? I admit I walked out but you backed out after you made me go all the way to ROBINSONS GALLERIA where my meeting place was only up to SM North Edsa. No matter which angle you look the main story is: YOU COULD HAVE JUST GONE TO A CHERRY MOBILE STORE AND DEMO AN OMEGA THERE, NOT DRAG A SELLER TO A FAR AWAY PLACE TO HAVE HIS UNIT TESTED. HIS TIME, EFFORT, AND MONEY WILL BE WASTED. 

Cherry does not let you demo a unit if it’s not available?


It’s not my problem if Cherry does not have a unit. Be patient. You’re going to tell me I was also impatient? Who wouldn’t get angry over what the hell you put me through?

I had 26 Positive Feedbacks before this. Now I am left with a dent while he can go make a third account or another account for I don’t know how many times. BEWARE EVERYONE. WORST DEAL EVER. I HOPE YOU SEE THIS . 

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