Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt! FUUUUUSIOOON! HAAAA!

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt!




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            Here it is guys! Another Cherry Mobile hottest! Cherry Mobile Finally Launched its first Quad-Core Tablet which features a 7 Inch HD IPS Display with a stunning 1280x720 resolution priced at measly-for-the-specs P3, 999! As with the Flare it also had a very long line which extended beyond Globe Telecoms in North Edsa, but with what I have noticed, the people there were not as many as that of Flare. Today, I managed to get the 47th spot securing me a power bank, a pouch and a very adorable Plush Android which was the main reason I was at SM North Edsa by 8am. I even had a brief argument with a fat, lawyery, hypocrite who picks on people smaller than him. He is in one of the pictures, clue he is ahead of me, he insisted that I cut in line where in reality, people ahead me also cut in line, these people and I went ahead because of the friendship principle, we had a friend at the top of the line so we had a spot, I think most Filipinos know what this is like hahaha and yes he, the fat hypocrite, only picked on me because I was smaller and he was shoving me while we entered the mall on opening, as we were on the final line he was sucking the d**** of the guys who also cut in line, being a know it all shit and telling them all he knows about Android shit, Hypocrisy and bullying at its finest. Being a good citizen, nothing good will come if I made a scene so I made this blog hohohoho. Back to the Fusion Bolt, ears were raped by the damned looped Sarah Geronimo song for Cherry Mobile; I had to listen to that shit for almost 3 hours! I can’t imagine what it must be like to numbers beyond 100 as they were subjected to Sarah’s song for the company! So, how does the cheapest Quad-Core tablet stack up with respect to performance? Read on and find out!


1. THE PACKAGE (6.3 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX

            It’s sleek and sexy! It has a purple holder thingy which houses a black box which carries the unit.  

1.2 What’s in the Box?

                Opening the box, you see your unit and nothing more, at least. Aside from the unit, it has a Warranty card like thing and foam and a weird lengthwise cardboard box which ONLY has a micro-usb cable. I would like to point out that it also come in with a free charger, not a wall charger, an old fashioned charger plugged to the Phones Charging Port. Good thing I came early, the freebies compensated the disappointment I had.

2. SUPERFICIALITY (9.1 out of 10)

                Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt has a very sleek and sexy design! Sure it does not have any menu buttons (capacitive or home), but it looks like very expensive device. The front simply houses the screen (duh?) and the VGA Camera. Sides has microUSB, HDMI Cable port, micro SD slot, mic, 3.5mm jack and the DC charging port.


3.1 Speakers (9.4 out of 10)

                Be it loudspeaker or headsets attached, Fusion Bolt delivers great audio performance. Easily outclassing, Cherry Mobile Flare, SkyFire, Titan. Earphones attached, It does not have that half volume is already-ok quality but for its price and for its brand it’s quite amazing, shocking even, that Cherry Mobile, a brand which I now doubt when it comes to audio quality earphones attached, produced a cheap tablet that has good audio output.

3.2 Display / Video Playback (8.9 out of 10)

Big Bang Theory 720p 225MB MKV

All This Time by Six Part Invention 56MB WMV

My Amnesia Girl 700MB AVI

                Priced at 3999, you may expect something with the same abysmal display as that of Titan, Cruize or SkyFire, fortunately for you and for me and for the worldwide symphony, this tablet has a 7 Inch HD Capacitive Touch Panel with a resolution of 1280x720! Simply put, it has an amazing display and the IPS further amplifies the display by giving the tablet great viewing angles, ehem Cherry Mobile Cruize. The default setting gives you a relatively tiny text display but that can later be changed.
As for Video Playback, Fusion Bolt has the capability to run almost anything under 720p, I have tested the shows above and it was able to run the aforementioned smoothly except for Big Bang Theory which showed lags. It’s up to you if you can tolerate the quality but I advise against it.

3.3 Gaming (7.4 out of 10)

NBA 2K13

                Android is known for its huge number of games and its ability to run on it virtually any Android-powered device. As for the Fusion Bolt, it is able to play mainstream games smoothly, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run 2, Jetpack Joyride, Angry Birds, you name it, and this tablet can play those mainstream games with ease! Unlike the Cruize, it does not show eye-straining visual lagging on any games thanks to its amazing display. As for HD Gaming, I came out of my shell for once and tried on TWO HD GAMES, NBA 2k13 and NOVA 3; unfortunately, playing HD Games on this device is an absolute let down as lags lags and more lags prevent the game from being playable. Sure it can run them but unless you’re that desperate to play HD Games, by all means be my guest, just don’t blame me if you die frequently and suddenly you throw the Fusion Bolt on the wall! I warned you!
3.4 Camera (5.3 out of 10)

These Images are from Cherry Mobile Cruize.
I don’t know how tablet picture quality should be so until then this stays at 5.3 only. Fusion Bolt has a 2-MegaPixel Rear Camera and a VGA Front for Skype and Self-portrait. Taking pictures is almost as snappy as my Galaxy Note 2!

3.5 Need for Speed (7.9 out of 10)

RAM and Clockspeed Review

                Many of you might wonder, what are RAM and the Clockspeed for? Should I go for higher RAM, fewer clocks or vice versa? The answer depends on how you use the phone. Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to determine how many apps your unit can run simultaneously. So bigger RAM means you can multi-task much more applications without worrying about lagging on the system.
                Clockspeed is used to determine how fast your system will run a certain application. Simply put, higher Clockspeed means faster phone. THIS IS THE GENERAL IDEA ON RAM AND CLOCKSPEED. Factors on speed are also determined by the chipset architecture, GPU, etc.
Coming from a bunch of dual-cores and a quad-core and then another dual-core comparable to a quad-core, lags were negligible to none. Swiping between screens, opening applications, multi-tasking were done quickly. After having the amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for a quad-core, I had high hopes for the Fusion Bolt’s A9 1GHz Quad-Core Procie, but then I internalized and asked myself, what components are used to make a quad-core for only P4000, the answer? I don’t know but what I am dead sure was that it was nowhere near a Branded quad-core phones’ technology and upon actual use this is nowhere even near a Branded phones’ latest dual-core phone. I’m not ranting I’m just saying, I expected the Fusion Bolt to show weakness somewhere and I think this is it, again for its price, I’m not complaining! Its Ram, on the other hand, is 1GB plenty of space to mutli-task with

3.6 User-Friendliness (9.5 out of 10)

                Finally! A Rebranded Jelly Bean at the palm of my hands! Ok so Omega also had Jellybean but I don’t have it that’s why I specified at the palm of my hands. Using this phone requires nothing but pure common sense, all you have to do is know where the buttons are and what they do and you’re good to go! With millions of Android users around, one or two will help you and you’ll be customizing this Tablet in no time! Customization is quite fun especially while you are searching for that one that fits you!

3.7 Battery (8.5 out of 10)

I am yet to fully test the battery but from initial usage I can say it packs quite a juicy battery. I’ll keep you guys posted!

            I have observed the following which may or may not be a reason why this tablet is so freaking cheap:
·         No Bluetooth
·         No 3G
·         Booting Up Takes 10 Million Years
·         No Capacitive Touch Buttons
·         No Hard Buttons
·         No Bloatwares
·         No Useful Apps (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
·         Too many Dead-Pixelated Units


WORTH IT ! (8 out of 10) 
* Performance is 70%, Package and Looks are both 15% for the total of 100% YEHEY I KNOW MATH :))

                Cherry Mobile is continuing its role as the Rebranded King as I think Fusion Bolt Mania was a huge success, granted there were a lot of Dead-Pixelated units, the number of people Cherry Reached was overwhelming! As for the Tablet’s performance, for a P3999 tablet, it has a great value for money as it can perform your everyday task with ease, again don’t expect anything from HD Games and HD Movies (720p and 1080p). Personally, I think Fusion Bolt is a half-baked tablet, the idea is there but the components aren’t. Still, if you’re looking for a useable tablet I can say it’s a relatively good buy. As I highly recommend this rather than the Cherry Mobile Cruize :P Till Next Time Guys!




  1. nice review.. have you noticed some lags in switching apps? and also youve mentioned that templerun2 runs smoothly, but i have experience low fps with this game on my bolt. also its responsiveness is not that responsive, there is sometimes a ghost touch.. thanks in advance

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  3. Astiiiig well compared to my cm flare... bakit ganun may lags pa dn sa mga hd games? Eh quadcore naman siya ... just wondering sa cpu ng bolt ;) asside from that okay naman ung review

  4. Maganda sya kahit rebranded pero ayoko lng yung gpu kaya lag yung games. Okay sya pang multi tasking. Sulit sa 3999

  5. don't expect anything, the price alone speak for itself... for me, it's a good buy, so far so good, forget HD games asa pa kayo, just play those in your PC's, hindi porque quad core eh, sige banat ng banat and don't compare it to any high end products baka mangamote samsung at apple products sa presyo... this product is amazingly good, i rate it 8.2/10, that's all i can give honest to goodness! thank you CM...

  6. Great review brother!

    May i know if it has Gyroscope? You can check its presence by downloading GyroSensor from the Android Market.

    BTW is the 720p video playback flawless? How about 1080p?

    thanks for the answers :)

  7. @ewan hindi porket quadcore makakapg hd games na :)

    @jhoravi pangit pang 720p at 1080p laggy

    1. You need to update your review bro,

      There's a new firmware that boosts the performance from 5,985 of AnTuTu to 11,053! check here:

      Flash it and please check again the 720p and 1080p video playbacks for improvement

      thanks again bro!

    2. I think yung released product nila has the latest firmware.. >_<

      I quote "When Cherry Mobile posted on their Facebook page a photo of the CM Fusion Bolt’s AnTuTu benchmark performance but we were a bit skeptical because of the timestamp. So, we did our own research and got an updated firmware, flashed it on the Fusion Bolt and tried to replicate the results. "


    3. not really on my tab 1080p video smooth with mx player pro smooth fps along the side maybe needs to utilize the hardware to find better results

  8. hi norman, can you help me? my unit seem to have problem with the touch screen. sometimes when i slide the screen, it will select. also, its laggy and slow. i dont have much apps installed, its just facebook and candy crush but still the when loading is slow like i select play store. i went to cherry mobile rob place and tell them of my experience but they told me that the unit is okay and no defects. i'm so sad because i can not see in my unit the good reviews of this tablet.

    1. sir para matry niyo din, install nyo APEX launcher, mdyo d n cya lag pag apex gamit.
      share lng.

  9. @karent belmonte,
    it's a known issue. sadly I think hindi siya defect, kundi resulta ng pagiging cheap tablet nito. here is my vid of the problem.

    Nakakapagtaka lang bakit sa reviews nito sa internet walang nag tackle ng touch response..

  10. @argel.. wala naman po ganyang issue yung unit ko.

    about firmware update. nag update na ko ng latest firmware at totoo na mag iimprove nga yung performance ng unit. before update, medyo laggy yung temple run 2 ko on medium quality tpos after the update.. kahit high quality na sa temple run 2.. walang problema at ang kinis na ng graphics..

    downside: HD games hindi pa din smooth in game. except for need for speed most wanted.

    gpu tlaga ang problema sa tablet na ito at hindi ang cpu or ram.
    sayang kung pwde lang sana ang chainfire sa jellybean or kung may substitute para sa gpu acceleration tiyak gagana ng maayos itong fusion bolt. Sana magkaroon..

    1. Hi!

      May I know the steps how to update the latest firmware.

      Thank you

  11. Hi! This is a nice review! You also have a good voice :)
    Anyway, diba pwede gumamit rito ng 3G modem like SmartBro and the like? Na-try mo na po ba yun? :)

  12. mine not working anymore after buying it last march 6. cannot detect and connect to wifi. palpak FuBO !!

  13. random thoughts:
    1st : may warranty yan make use of it may nababasa ako ng di gumagana yung ganito or laggy si ganito well sasabihn ko bumili kayo ng gadget na worth 3999 sa palagay niyo di kasama ang warranty? sympre kasama un so please MAKE USE OF IT

    2nd : you bought this gadget be appreciative nalang wag kayo magrereklamo as you know naman how much yung bili niyo dyan if you dont appreciate it then sell it and buy a new one :)

  14. "I even had a brief argument with a fat, lawyery, hypocrite who picks on people smaller than him. He is in one of the pictures, clue he is ahead of me, he insisted that I cut in line where in reality, people ahead me also cut in line, these people and I went ahead because of the friendship principle, we had a friend at the top of the line so we had a spot,..." ---

    The "fat, lawyery & hypocrite" guy is in the right. There is no such thing as "friendship principle". The polite & ethical principle is "first come first served". When you cut in line, you are being unfair to the people who came earlier than you. Because your cut them off, they have to wait longer and worse, puwede pa silang maubusan.

    "I think most Filipinos know what this is like hahaha." ----
    What? Cutting in line on basis of Friendship Principle? this is the 1st time I heard it. I always adhere to First Come First Served Principle.

  15. What do you mean no useful app like youtube and Fb? Pero pede lagyan? Hihi balak ko kasi bumili e nagchechek lang pra walang pagsisisi :) Thanks po :

  16. Pang second Kong unit tong ginagamit ko, since yung una ay may problem sa screen.. pipindot ako sa left side pero puro icon sa right side ang gumagana.. now ganun nanaman :(( 3 days lang yung una.. ngaun, wala pang 1 day.. nararansan nyo din ba ito? Ang gulo ng screen pointer nya.. mali2 lagi ang lumalabas o napipindot eh.. di ko na natapos ang game ko sa candy saga dahil sa issue na to..

  17. @alicia coscolluela.. nranasan ko nadin ang problem mo, try mong i restart, gagana yan..

    Ang problem ko nman ang camera, Can't connect to camera daw. ilang beses ko nang rinestart oh shinutdow, ayaw paren.. same help please :'(

  18. Camera shutdown... Huhuhu... Wat to do?

  19. My cherry mobile fusion bolt binalik ko sa main office nla . I have used it for 2 days lng, bought last march 6 from rob mla. As said, hardware problem raw, mga 2 to 3 wks fix. It cannot detect wifi. Sa office nla may mga nagbabalik din ng cherry mobile units.

  20. Natatawa lang ako na sa review a ito ay may issue pa tungkol sa queue.. well in fact dapat first come first serve naman talaga. Kahit naman sino nasingitan eh magagalit.

    Anyway, wala akong mahanap na decent thread para sa error na cant connect to camera ng fubo... if theres anyone out there who inows how to soove this, please, help... tsaka masosolvr kaya ng pagupdat ng firmware ang error na to... bakit ba nagyayari ito, sigh!

    1. Same problem po. Any body found solution yet?

    2. problem ko din to.. just bought my bolt on may 26, knina cant connect to cam na. wla rin ako mkitang thread re this.

    3. Same here, best option is go to the service center. haays!

    4. Same problem here. took the unit to the service center in Lucena city, many people there with the same problem. They told us to take it to Manila. ha ha ha that's gonna cost more than the unit. Some warranty.

  21. UPDATE:
    i went back to the store knina sa sm annex, luckily pinalitan nmn nila ng Brand new ung bolt ng ko. kundi mgaaway kme within 7 days pa eh. hopefully d na cia mgloko. try nio n lngdin ibik ung s inyo guys or at least sa service center ng CM. 1 yr naman ung service warranty nila db?

  22. na ROOT kaya FUBO na to?
    pwede kya ng VPN to? hahaha

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. FACT the charger! "Charging nga". Eh di naman nag a-add ng percent.
    More than 3 hours na, ni isang percent, alang pagbabago. Hayy..

  25. .. can you help me , why cant I access my camera in my fusion bolt , I felt so terribly ,I try to find it in the settings but when I go to the app. I can't merely find the camera but when I go to home I even saw it there and when I click it it will always say camera error !!!...... pls answer my question ...

  26. yung fusion bolt ko nag hang na hindi nag rerespond pag nag slide ako. khit i reset ko ganun p din nangyayari na stock n sya pa help nmn po..!

  27. my cherry mobile fusion bolt can't read my sd says click menu>new>server... kahit anong sd card gnun...tanga lang ba ko o hindi lang talaga sya maExpand???please help!

  28. Ung Cherry mobile fusion bolt ang camera ayw po gumanaa pa no po un?/

  29. Hi, why do you state that you model has no hard buttons, mine has!

    Home, Volume +/-, ON/OFF

    For people who like to update firmware, be aware you will void your warranty - if thats ok with you then search googlee for "fusion bolt firmware" and read the ones on slatedroid and xda-developer and zzkko.

    I recommend flashing CWM recovery first, find the info and download on zzkko and make sure you backup your tablet before flashing new firmwware. Also make sure to download original Cherry Mobile firmware, just in case you need to flash it back before sending it in for repair.


  30. same problem with the others.. hindi din gumana ang camera ko,camera error po lumalabas.. before nangyari n din un and kusa xang bumalik at gumana ulit.. and then now gnun n naman camera error again.. help anyone?

  31. Please help camera error do ako!!!!!!!!!