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5 Generations! Apple IPhone 5 FILIPINO STYLE Review!

5 Generations!

Apple IPhone 5 FILIPINO STYLE Review!




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               After a huge wave of reviews of Android phones, most of my readers or followers and haters would think I am an iOS hater, honestly, I WAS, I honestly thought its flaws was bad and I initially thought Apple Fanboys were brainwashed zombies for using one. But since it was able to sell a whopping 5 million unit over a weekend on its launch is something amazing! Curious as to why it did that amazing feat, I decided to try one. Now that I have one and after a few hours of use, I take back what I said, this is one hella amazing gadget! Apple’s iOS is vastly different compared to Android, but I’ll discuss it more when my  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Apple IPhone 5 Review Comes Out. For now, read on and find out what’s so good about the Apple’s latest and greatest Flagship yet.

NOTE: This is my Fourth Branded Phone Review and my First iOS Review, I’m not as familiar with it as I am with Android, so pardon my lack of knowledge about the phone.

1. THE PACKAGE (9.6 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX
                KISS. This is one word my Thermodynamics teacher taught us, it means Keep it Short and Staright. The box is as simple as it gets but holding one feels very elegant, the box reflects the phone, sleek, sexy, eye catching and very attractive!

1.2 What’s in the Box?

            For a phone which costs more than an Ultrabook and drastically higher than the best Android Today, yes its Samsung Galaxy Note 2, one might and would expect something special about its package, unfortunately for those expecters you get the standard stuff. The Charger, Cable, Unit, Charger, headstes and manuals. It maybe disappointing to see such cliché contents but I have to point out that since these contents are apple made, you can be sure of that it has the best quality and it is built to last. Its stock headset is one of the best you will ever use; take extra care of it as Apple’s headset also cost a fortune.

2. PHONE SUPERFICIALITY (9.7 out of 10)

                Arguably the sexiest looking phone yet. Sure there are a lot of 4 Inch phone on the market but the Apple Iphone 5 feels so much different than other phones. Its build is unlike any other and the build feels strong. If you have watched tons of videos showcasing the might and strength of the IPhone 5 you would clarify that feel. The materials are fused together nicely which result to the amalgamation of a uniquely built phone. Before you judge me for being too amazed by the IPhone 5’s build, let me ask you a question, have you owned and used a Note 2 and an IPhone 5 simultaneously? Its not enough that you have held one, if you use both phones for an extended period of time you would know and feel the IPhone actually feels more durable than most of the phones in the market. The back houses its amazing 8Mp Camera and flash, the top and bottom has the power button and the speakers and the lightning port respectively, and the sides houses the volume rocker,and sleep button. The phone looks and feels strong and beautiful.

 3. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION (7.9857 out of 10)

3.1 Speakers (9.8 out of 10)

                One of the most important factor for me when choosing a phone, branded phones tend to give you the best audio experience, as with my experience, I am yet to encounter a branded phone with an abysmal audio quality. Apple have always had the throne when it comes to audio quality and the IPhone 5 only continues its legacy. Loudspeaker maya not be as loud but I highly doubt anyone will ever use its loudspeaker for a long duration. Earphones or headsets attached, this is where the IPhone 5 shines the most, the unbelievable unmatched quality is just great, music sounds crisp, loud and clear, half volume will suit most well and even at maximum volume, the quality remains intact (listening at high levels continuously is dangerous for your health). If you are a music lover, IPhone 5 is one of the best choice.

3.2 Display / Video Playback (8.4 out of 10)

                As good as its display is, the score is lowered due to its inability to play as much video file types, you need to convert most of your videos first before you can play them on your phone. Unless you have been an apple fan all throughout your life or you have a super fast laptop or computer, you might be immune to this tedious activity. The display is one of the best today.

I won’t separate Display and Video Playback for this review, I stick to my own format.

3.3 Gaming (10 out of 10)

                Apple has the most number of games available compared to other Operating systems. There are also a lot, I mean a WHOLE LOT of Apple Exclusive games which you will surely enjoy. Zombie Tsunami and Tap the Frog alone made this apple experience worthwhile and I’m just getting started. Playing games, HD or Mainstream non-HD games play impressively on this device. The huge number of games will keep gamers entertained, and though it is not a game but an application, I would like to applaud Apple for Siri. She is the best assistant to have, I have looked for various apps in android to find a match for her but none could come close. A really really nice touch Apple! Kudos!
3.4 Camera (10 out of 10)


These Images are from the IPhone 5
Camera is an important factor for me as I use it as my digital camera. I have found perfection in Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but I was amazed with IPhone 5’s image quality. Sharp, clear, not that saturated and the colors are more accurate with respect to ground truth. I was amazed with 4s’ image quality and I was further amazed with its improvement on the IPhone 5. Same with the Note 2, one would appreciate the improvements on technology in a year or less.

*Ground truth allows image data to be related to real features and materials on the ground.

3.5 Need for Speed (9.6 out of 10)

RAM and Clockspeed Review

                Many of you might wonder, what are RAM and the Clockspeed for? Should I go for higher RAM, fewer clocks or vice versa? The answer depends on how you use the phone. Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to determine how many apps your unit can run simultaneously. So bigger RAM means you can multi-task much more applications without worrying about lagging on the system.
                Clockspeed is used to determine how fast your system will run a certain application. Simply put, higher Clockspeed means faster phone. THIS IS THE GENERAL IDEA ON RAM AND CLOCKSPEED. Factors on speed are also determined by the chipset architecture, GPU, etc.

                Sporting only a Dual-Core Processor, haters will probably bash Apple for its decision. unless you have tried the IPhone 5 for yourself, the response and the feel of the phone feels quad corey, sometimes even faster. This is, with no doubt, the fastest dual core today, it trumps Acro S’ Krait 1.5GHz Dual Core and runs as smooth as those quad core phones. Lags can rarely be observed as Apple may have told the truth when they said this phone runs 2x faster than the 4s.

3.6 User-Friendliness (9 out of 10)

                Android and iOs are two vastly different operating system, for a first time user, I found it to be a very user friendly OS. I have to admit I miss the customization prowess of the Android, but I think Apple’s huge app store will keep you busy for a while. Using this phone is very simple and noob friendly. More insights on Android and iOS on the greatest battle of the year soon.

3.7 Battery (6 out of 10)

                If you are here and still waiting for me to actually bash apple, here it is! As amazing as this phone is, I am very disappointed with its battery, for a phone that had much expectation, you would expect a battery life which will actually endure heavy usage because of its capabilities, sadly it barely lasts me a day, by a day meaning the whole school day which is roughly about 7am-3pm. As aforementioned, Ip5 has amazing capabilities, but it is limited by its battery life, I don’t want to be annoyed by a low battery notification when I’m in the middle of the game, and I surely don’t want my battery to die while im in a middle of a quest or what not. What I’m saying is, its Arch Nemesis Android has already taken steps in terms of battery, why o why did Apple not do the same? Anyone not brain damaged will always want and crave for a phone they can use as long as they can with minimal plugging to a socket, its supposed to be a mobile smartphone not a corded smartphone, I have also heard feedback that upgrading to 6.1 further relinquishes ip5’s battery, that is juts disappointing and sad. I surely hope IPhone 6  or 5s will have abetter battery than just a bigger screen and faster performance, until then I am very disappointed with ip5’s battery.



NOT A HATER ANYMORE (9.205 out of 10) 
* Performance is 70%, Package and Looks are both 15% for the total of 100% YEHEY I KNOW MATH :))

                After hating Apple so much because may hated it, I was so wrong to have judged something based on other’s opinion. This experience maybe applied to us, one may hate another person because that person is hated by others, unless you have actually met the person, it will always be wrong to judge and hate him because other people do. I have hated apple without having tried one. After trying one out, its actually very good, what I still don’t like about it is its very steep price. You can get a very good android phone half its price, but still that will fall on personal preference. If you won’t mind the price, its actually a good buy, though I will advice you to always take care of your belongings. Up next will be the Ultimate Battle, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Versus Apple IPhone 5! Stay tuned for more guys J

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