Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ang Alamat ng AMALAYER!

AMALAYER by dibapwedeng

                              Lately ‘AMALAYER’ took Facebook by storm, well at least the Philippine Facebook users are bombarded with AMALAYER post.
   So what is it? Watch the video first.

DISCLAIMER: This is not my video it came from dibapwedeng of YouTube. I do not Sotto. HAHAHA

                AMALAYER- A jejemon transformed ‘I’m a Liar?’ It is uttered by an ‘Educated’ Female when a Lady guard ‘humiliated’ her as she entered the LRT.

                Light Rail Transit Passengers are required to undergo a useless bag inspection. Don’t try to defend the guards. They passively look at your bags and let you in. this is based on my experience as I am yet to encounter a guard not apathetic to their work. What happened here was this lady went to a wrong entrance and the guard, according to the girl, asked her ‘Anong Problema mo?’ (What is your problem?). Apparently she was humiliated and then began her rampage.
                I found this video extremely humiliating. If the girl was indeed humiliated by the guard, I don’t think making a scene would have solved anything. She even stated that she was educated. The worst part was she was spokening English the entire time. This video is a giant facepalm mixed with a dash of OHGODWHY and a little ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME? This is another video that has a potential to be viral. Humiliating and disgusting. Whichever side is right I don’t think making a scene will solve anything. As people said, ‘Edukado nga wala naming manners’ (Educated but no manners).

P.S. This girl is said to be Paula Jamie Salvosa. I don’t know how  she was identified, yes I know there are tons of way to find out. But I can’t help to think this maybe done on purpose by the lady for attention. B***hes love attention. I don’t know. This is just an opinion. HAHAHA

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