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Iron Man 3: The Official Game Android Game Review

Iron Man 3: The Official Game
Android Game Review



Here’s the thing, Gameloft is my favorite Game Developer/Publisher for the mobile phone ever since 2004, when I first had a Symbian 6630 Phone. Their graphics, games, and gameplay were unmatchable by any other Developers out there. As of now, I still have a 6630 filled with tons of Gameloft Games I play every now and then.

Ever since Symbian died, I have been distant to the company as I do not play much video games on my phone. With the arrival of my Galaxy Note 2, I had a gaming device on my hand, and, as with the Symbian days, Gameloft took the stage once more, NOVA, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, were some of the few that I played whole heartedly. The graphics and gameplay were the cream of the crop. NOVA 3 was an amazing FPS and The Amazing Spiderman was the best GTA like game on the Android. In short, I was a Gameloft fan once more.

Looks Exciting Right??

Now, one of the most highly anticipated movie of the year, Iron Man 3, makes it way to your smartphones. So what is this game? A Free-World game? An FPS? An RPG? There are tons of genres out there and after seeing the movie, a good one by the way, one would definitely want that Iron Man 3 Free-World Experience. Controlling Tony Stark sounds uber cool.


So with all the hype Iron Man 3 created, Gameloft seems to take a big shit on all of us and released Iron Man 3 with a genre so annoying, I bet no one in the world expected it. The Genre is a mother-F****** runner. YES A RUNNER GAME. I’M NOT KIDDING; IRON MAN 3 THE OFFICIAL GAME is a RUNNER. Like Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Pyramid Run, and like all those games that many developers do over and over and over for the sake of profit. And now they are combining that genre with one of the hottest movie today and voila, you have the disappointing Iron Man themed Runner.

The Gameplay is simple, Iron Man flies around California, and your objective is to evade the obstacles, kill the enemies by swiping them, upgrade your armor and run again, even the Level-Up part, much like Temple Run 2 is also present here. As great as the graphics maybe, and the genre maybe successful, this game fails on a very high level. There are tons to unlock and upgrade but playing the game itself is already boring, I highly doubt anybody will whole-heartedly unlock everything to be unlocked in this game. I would pick Temple Run 2 over this overpriced runner shit that became expensive because of the Darn Iron Man 3 in its name. This is definitely not worth the price.

Honestly, I was expecting an Amazing Spiderman or The Dark Knight Rises like game, but nooooo, they had to make it a runner. This is probably the worst Gameloft Game ever. Yeah I know there are tons of bad Gameloft games out there but this is on a different level. They could have made it a free world game, who wouldn’t want to play Tony Stark. I imagined it like Tony Stark can call Mark 42 at will and you can fly through the city of California, killing badies and completing objectives. Well, what’s done is done; Iron Man 3 is an uninspired boringest runner game ever.

1.    Graphics (4/5)

Iron Man 3: The Official Game has one of the best graphics to offer today. The various Iron Man models, the vibrant city, airplanes randomly appearing, and AIM soldiers looking like their cartoon/comic version is pretty nice to look at. Though this great graphics may come at the price. This is a runner game so it is fast paced; you will definitely lose yourself time after time as some obstacles tend to look like part of the background.

2.    Gameplay (1.5/5)

This is a runner game. Expect the same level of gameplay like Temple Run but don’t expect it to be as exciting, thrilling or FUN. I also want to point out, Tony Stark is a mean SOB who flies up or down at his own free will, what you can only do is shoot lasers and move left and right. YUP YOU CANT FLY UP OR DOWN.

3.    Sound (2/5)

The sound could have been better; the same loop is presented to you very annoying.

4.    Replayability (3.5/5)

There are tons of Armors to unlock and each has to be upgraded. There are also a lot of objectives; it has a pretty high replay value as playing with a different armor with different abilities maybe fun for about a run or two. Oh and yeah, you need to unlock the preceding armors to get to the better ones. HOORAY!


            Hate me as much as you want. I will stick to my decision. Crappy controls, confusing obstacles, and overall very unenjoyable, even Tony Stark wouldn’t play this game. For those who will play this game and actually unlock everything, I commend your amazing patience and dedication to Iron Man. All I want to say is, Temple Run 2 is much much better and it’s free!

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