Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PlayStore Game Review: Paper Toss 2

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Paper Toss 2


            Paper Toss has been a huge success and it is one of those games which you will play to kill some minutes. This is a very simple game that actually became popular because it was highly addictive and most of all fun! With a very simple Gameplay, much could have been done and now, Paper Toss 2 is out bringing tons of addition. Remember Temple Run 2’s major improvements over its predecessor? Well Paper Toss 2 does the same giving everyone one of the best time-killer with lots of stuff to do.

Graphics (4.3/5)

The graphic engine may not have improved but the background, and the tons of new addition like new places, new stuffs and the addition of people makes it feel like a whole new Paper Toss Experience

Gameplay (5/5)

The objective of the game is to toss the Paper into the trashcan. Well, that was the main and only objective of the game but with the addition of new stuffs to throw like Watermelon, Grenades, Crushed Cans, Etc. you will keep coming back for more. The game also includes an Objective list like those in Temple Run 2 and the visual addition of Aquariums, people, and coffee mugs make the game more interactive, throwing a Watermelon on your boss does not get any better than this. The Intern Mode is a new addition in which a nerdy intern holds the basket and streaks left and right. The game also introduces Powerups ranging from a Bigger Trash Can to a Guide Swipe. The physics maybe the same but its fun once in a while to ricochet your crumbled paper onto a coffe mug before it goes in the trash can.

Sound (3.8/5)

There is minimal to the sound as the electric fan is the main source, but the stuff you throw makes different noise and the reaction of your officemates may keep you entertained every now and then.

Replayability (5/5)

The original Paper Toss was made to kill some minutes but this ups the ante on a whole different level, fulfilling all the Objectives is just half the fun as the unlockable powerups and the stuff you throw will keep you coming back for more! I even found myself amused just by throwing stuff at my boss and office mate to hear their reactions. Paper Toss 2 delivers much replay value, whether killing minutes or killing hours, this game is one of the must-haves for today.

CONCLUSION (4.525/5)

            One of the most addicting Games Today! Go on get yourself a copy now!

Here is the Link to Playstore:

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