Wednesday, June 8, 2011


                Video games. A friend that has brought me limitless amounts of fun, excitement, headache, and on rare occasions kilig (The feeling you feel when your crush says hi to you :”>). Growing up I have always had the pleasure of playing video games on numerous amounts of consoles. As I grow mature, I also grow to grasp each everything the game has to offer. I tend to play a game until I have nothing left to do in it. Some games come and go. Some games stick to me instantly being a drug to me. Some games I could not put down until I finish the next task. From all the games I have played nothing has ever frustrated me and grinded my nuts as what VERY HARD MODE gives.
  Most of the time, as you finish a game on the first try, a harder mode will appear. Unless you really liked the game you will play through this mode to unlock more bonus feature the game can give, more often than not, you do like the game.  So what does this mode do to your game? Often, it lowers your character’s power, amplifies your enemies’ attack, and almost always, it gives you much more enemies to conquer on locations. It may sound easy but trust me, you will find yourself cursing, screaming, shouting to the point dumping your system and quitting the game is the only logical move. But another problem arises when these situations come, you can’t. How often have I told myself I DON’T WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME ANYMORE. Yet I find myself in front of my TV with the controller in my hand, my mouth drooling, as the boss keeps on whacking me to death a multiple number of times or clicking RESTART FROM CHECKPOINT whenever I get damaged. This mode seems to tease you to play more until you mastered every move, every secret locations and everything inside the game has. VERY HARD MODE truly is a nasty Nut Grinder for noobs and pros alike. And when the time comes when you have to face the final boss and actually beat him, an indescribable feeling of success flows through your vein, and the extra unlocked bonus features will make you giggle with much anticipation.


Though indeed very hard and nut grinding, it actually is worthwhile to play this mode especially if you really liked the game

I just defeated the dreaded BARBARIAN KING on God of War 2

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