Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello, friends! I am back for another nut grinding issue! 2010 elections maybe over elections will come again and again. Last year’s elections is what inspired me to write this article as my nuts got grinded like no other election that I have witnessed did. Why? It’s because of ignorant voters! Now I do not intend to hurt or intimidate anyone but last year’s election was not a big success as far as most Filipino thought. Voter’s lack of confidence on their TRULY chosen candidate maybe the reason for this. Most voters who elected President Noynoy only did so because they think that their candidate is a nuisance and it would be a waste to vote for him/her. On trips back and forth manila, I could hear people’s conversation:
Person1: ‘Sino binoto mo (Who did you vote for?)?’
Person2:’Si Noynoy’
Person1: ‘Bakit? (Why?)’
Person2: ‘Ehh yun daw yung sure win eh, ok na yun (It was said that he would win, I’d rather choose him than another)’
Just when I thought the ignorance was over:
Person1: ‘AKO DIN EHH (ME TOO)’

Really now?! Really?! I heard that conversation a lot of times and what ground my nut more was this ignorance ran in my family! My aunt had that conversation with her officemates, all of them working on a City Hall. Now these people are scratching their heads, joining rallies and regretting their votes. It’s your fault you had to suffer this, you relied and believed too much on what other people say you forgot you have your own mind! Elections are supposed to be the loudest voice a person can give on their government, and you waste your privilege and vote like you are in a popular contest. Grow up people! Think for your own, if not for you then vote for the next generations who will reap what your candidates will sow! I am not a hater of President Noynoy, but judging on what he has done, I am not impressed.  You might say he is not there to impress me but hey, who is he trying to impress anyway? Actually, the only law that he enforced that I remembered to this day was his Wang Wang Policy. To quote my great Professor Calilung ‘If those kinds of policies and laws are what the current administration are to enforce, we will have a shallow government’. I really hope that in the next election, we can and will make a difference.

This is a privilege and our future is at stake, not just a random shit

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