Monday, June 13, 2011

South Park, Saying Goodbye?

                Some time ago, I watched a South Park episode out of boredom. Initially, I thought it to be corny; maybe because I was too young to understand this kind of humor, but last year, my brother bought an entire DVD collection of South Park, we watched it and we loved it. Being a young adult, I found their Toilet humor and green jokes extremely funny, sometimes laughing when I randomly remember a scene. Since then I have watched the whole south park episodes twice, some of my favorites, I have watched 5 times.  You might tell me I am a shallow minded person for laughing at this show, indeed I have a shallow mind, but what I find interesting in their shows are their parodies and satires. They are not just random satire or parodies, they are actually smart, and some of their jokes are funny because it is true. Though sometimes, South Park goes beyond the limit, sparking controversies, you cannot deny that some of these are really what is going on. This is another thing that is great about South Park, it keeps you up to date with the happenings, almost every episode, I would search the internet on what South Park has parodied, and it has certainly made me a smarter person.

                Now after 15 seasons, last week’s episode seemed to deliver a message to the fans. You’re Getting Old, last week’s episode, was arguably the most dramatic South Park episode. It starts on Stan’s 10th birthday when he received a Tween Wave CD from Kyle with his mother taking it away saying that Tween Wave sounds like crap. Sharon and Randy argue about the music, Randy pretends to be hip and pretended to like the music even though he hears crap. The only funny bit I found funny in this episode was when the parents played The Police, it gave crap sounds. Later, Stan finds himself listening to his IPod, only to hear crap sounds. He then visits a doctor who tells him he experiences cynicism. He then sees everything as crap, everyone he interacts with would barf crap instead of words. His friends even leave him because they were annoyed on how he, Stan, continually tells Kyle, Kenny and Cartman that everything is crap. The show ended with Randy and Sharon fighting, Sharon telling Randy that this has been the done and had been always like this. They decided to move to another town, with the song ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac was played with various montages.

                That episode was a very big cliff hanger, and it was as if Trey and Matt were trying to say goodbye. The part where Randy and Sharon argued what has happened now has happened before and has been happening over and over was also featured in another episode, though in a much lighter aura, Butt Out. If this could be the beginning of the end, and if this is how it will end, it will be very sad for me and the fans. I am not saying that Trey and Matt should stop, all good things must come to an end, but I hope that the last episode of South Park will have all the elements that made it great. At least before saying goodbye, we would have a good memory of our beloved South Park.

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