Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pixar, Idol Producers

               Pixar is a multi award winning company that has produced great films for the last decade and a half. Almost all of its movies have taken its place countless times on my VHS, VCD and DVD player as well as a place somewhere in my heart.

            It may sound cheesy but it really did and it still does. Growing up in the 90s, I first watched Pixar’s first feature-length film, Toy Story. Though I may have not understood it fully back then I certainly found the animation cool, and I did learn to take better care of my toys ever since. It was so cool I asked my parents to buy me a copy for our VHS. A few years later VCDs replaced the VHS and I remembered the first movies we bought for it was none other than Toy Story. At the span of 15 years, 1995-2010, Pixar was able to release eleven feature-length films. All of them I have watched and most of them I have already watched 5 times, or more. Even before I write this blog, I have already watched 3 of the eleven films. From what I have observed, these are what make Pixar movies great:

GREAT VISUALS- When Toy Story was launched, it had one of the most amazing graphics at that time. Since I was just a child back then I was so amazed on how a cartoon could look so much human (I did not really know what films with visuals like this are called back then, I considered them cartoons). Though its visuals may not have changed dramatically over the past years it has still been solid and smooth, and of course, cute. With the addition of 3D on Up and Toy Story 3, it was truly breathtaking.

FAMILY FRIENDLY/ GENERAL PATRONAGE- As I grow older, I tend to drift away from my family, wanting to be more with my friends rather than with them. I would seldom bond with them especially if my parents wanted to take my younger brothers to the movies to watch kiddy films. This is something I am thankful for Pixar films, they make movies for kids but not just for kids. You can watch them even if you are older yet still appreciate what they have to offer. Whenever we were to watch a Pixar movie, you can bet that I will go with them, it actually is my favorite bonding session with my family.

STORY- Arguably the most important part of the movie. This is what I focus on in a movie, I don’t care if the visuals or the sound is great, if the story fails, the movie does. Each film has a different story that I have not yet seen and all of them have a moral lesson intact, making them more ideal for a family movie. How often have I watched UP and not once did I not get a tear in my eye and Goosebumps from the awwwww and the sweetness of Carl and Ellie, especially the part when Carl looks at Ellie’s album and he finds the note saying: ‘Thanks for the adventure. Now go have one of your own’. Even now as I write this article, I feel the love and I actually want to watch Up once more. In addition, how often will you see a group of men lining up in a movie theatre just to watch Toy Story 3; I was shocked to see one group of men known have ‘Bad Boy’ images. Just enough reason to think that Pixar knows how to tell stories that EVERYONE would like. That is just for up and toy story 3, I will write some of my reactions to other movies on another blog. What makes me love Pixar more is I actually find their endings much more enticing than how other films end theirs. I could not find the right words to say on how they seem to perfectly end each of their films.
            To me, those are the top three things that make Pixar movies impressive. If you are looking for quality movies to watch, Pixar movies are my best bet. If you are yet to watch a Pixar movie, half of your life is rotting away! LAST WORDS: HOORAY FOR PIXAR!

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