Monday, February 4, 2013

Sony Xperia Acro S VS Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

Sony Xperia Acro S VS Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

The Comparison of Dreams




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After the acquisition of both my Dream Phones Sony Xperia Acro S, an ex-dream phone after my review, and Samsung Galaxy Note 2  still arguably the best phone today, I decided to pit them both together. Before you judge and flame and hate me, let me tell you I know these two phones are in no way similar, and it is pretty obvious which will win, the point of this blog is a confirmation that about a month ago, I decided to pick the better one and after acquiring Acro S, my happiness was amplified as I made another right choice in my life. 



Both phones have a USB Cable, Charger, Headset, and Manuals. But the list goes on for the Acro S at it also packs a dock. I have to point out that Samsung has the better headset as it has volume control and it actually has better audio output. Acro S’ headset , sadly, is the same as what can be found in Arc S. the quality is not bad, but considering Arc S was out 2011 and Acro s is out 2012, you would expect some improvements or change.

Winner: TIE – I liked the dock, but I also like music playing, it’s a choice between a useful freebie or better audio.


                This part is by an individual’s preference; Acro S comes in different colors as well as the Note 2. Cases for both phones are also numerous as both of them are branded. Acro S is smaller with 4.3 Inch Screen housing everything on its sides and top and bottom, the back feels smooth and it does not attract much fingerprints. Acro S has a non-user replaceable battery which maybe the reason as to why its side is filled with so much. Note 2, on the other hand, sports a 5.5 Inch screen with a simple design, it’s basically a bigger S3, it has no camera shutter and the only buttons on the sides are the power button and the volume rocker. Sim card slots and SD Card slots can be found under the battery. Note 2 feels plasticky and its back attracts a lot of fingerprints. Acro S feels at home with one hand operation. Using Note 2 with one hand is a chore.

                Winner: TIE – Personal preference!


3.1 Speakers
                On loudspeaker, Note 2 skyrockets itself away from Acro S, at half the volume on the Note 2, it sounds as loud as Acro S’ max volume. YES I KNOW NOTE 2 HAS THE BIGGER SPEAKER. Check the video for comparison of loudspeaker. Headsets attached, Note 2 still triumphs, but not that much. Both offer clear and crisp experience as one would enjoy listening, watching, and gaming when headsets are attached to the phones.

                Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Loudspeaker or not, it gives better audio experience

3.2 Display

                Both phones offer almost the same goodness one would expect from a Branded phone, display is crisp and clear on both phones. Looking at images, Acro S has its advantage due to Sony’s Bravia engine. Of course, Note 2 is not a slouch, its display is very good for a 5.5 Inch screen, and its display is also very amazing! I have to point out that Samsung’s display is more saturated than that of the Acro S so I have to pick Note 2.

                Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – It actually depends on your preference but I find it more vibrant with Note 2’s saturation

3.3 Gaming

                This is a no-brainer. Both phones play mainstream games well and smoothly, but if you like playing HD Games, definitely go with the Note 2. Emulators, NBA 2k13, NOVA 3, these aforementioned titles play better on Note 2. If you have seen the Acro S unboxing and review, NBA 2k13 plays laggy and colors tend to separate. In short, Acro S is not recommended for HD Gaming.

                Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - More Games more fun, HD Gaming is awesome

3.4 Camera

            The one aspect where Acro S packs a punch. Both devices carry different modules but I think I have to give this to the Acro S. I have always preferred Sony’s camera over Samsung’s. Note 2 images are definitely not bad, Acro S is just better. I took a ton of pictures when I was in Caleruega, Batangas, so enjoy the pictures! 1st images shown are from Note 2, 2nd is Acro S. For more details about Camera options, read HERE.

                Winner: Sony Xperia Acro S

3.5 Need for Speed
RAM and Clockspeed Review

  Many of you might wonder, what is RAM and the Clockspeed for? Should I go for higher RAM, less clock or vice versa? The answer depends on how you use the phone. Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to determine how many apps your unit can run simultaneously. So bigger RAM means you can multi-task much more applications without worrying about lagging on the system.

                Clockspeed is used to determine how fast your system will run a certain application. Simply put, higher Clockspeed means faster phone. THIS IS THE GENERAL IDEA ON RAM AND CLOCKSPEED. Factors on speed are also determined by the chipset architecture, GPU, etc.

                Samsung Galaxy Note 2 kills Acro S in this division. Note 2 offer 2GB Ram whereas Acro S only has 1GB. Note 2 is 1.6 GHz Quad core and Acro S is 1.5 GHz Dual Core. In a nutshell, Note 2 is significantly faster than the Acro S.

                Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

3.6 User-Friendliness

                Acro S comes out Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed whereas Note 2 released Note 2 with Jellybean. In terms of user-friendliness, both are very easy to use, the initial and somewhat significant difference between the two is their stock launchers, Note 2 has its Touch Wiz Acro S has Xperia Launcher. Since both carry Android, you will be happy with tons of apps, games and customization apps available. Flashing custom roms is also a delight as both phones have support from developers so you can optimize and maximize your phones prowess.

                Winner: TIE

3.7 Battery

                This is definitely a No-Brainer. Acro S suffers Android’s bad battery life problem, on light use and texting, it will definitely last a day or two, but with heavy usage, it barely lasts a day. Note 2 has an amazing battery life as it can definitely last a week on light usage, and definitely last a day with heavy usage, yes that includes HD Gaming.

                Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

            I want to share this with you guys, both phones support USB OTG. Both were able to read a mouse and a USB. Unfortunately for the Acro S, it was not able to power up a USB Joystick. (See the Video)



           After I have used both phones, I can happily say I made the right choice last Christmas. Acro S is definitely not bad as it is one of the best and fastest Dual-Cores out there. It is just sad that it Sony did not deliver up to the hype that their Krait Dual Cores will perform as well as quad cores. This has been a lesson for me to try a different something every now and then. Before you start hating for comparing phones with hardly any similarities, I say to you again, I made this to confirm that my decision to try something new was right. You can even say this is a comparison if Sony really did deliver its promise that its Dual core will perform as well as quad core, for me, they did not.