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               Nokia BH-503 has been out on the market for almost five years now. During that time, I was uninterested with this device as my phone, back then, was a mere Nokia 6630 which was incapable of playing the radio or even playing music, It could play mp3s but I did not stress it so much as it could only carry 256MB card, it was able to hold up to 1GB memory card but it became painstakingly slow.
            A few days ago, my classmate I saw my classmate using one and I was surprised with its loudness, I tried it for myself and WOW! I used it on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and it was just divine. Honestly I have never been fan of this kind of earphone as I found them bulky, I always preferred in-ears, but this one changed that. After that fateful day, I purchased one for myself.
            This review is not going to be as comprehensive as my review for cellphones, if they were even close to that, this review will only cover observations and personal opinions about this majestic headset, so read on and find out more!


            The package is pretty standard; you get your headset, with actually useful, for the first few times, manual. It also comes with a small pin charger. For a headphone typish headset, this does not look as bulky; it is also light and fits perfectly on most, if not all, necks.

            The right has all the controls such as volume, call, previous and next buttons.


                Here’s where it gets interesting, being a Bluetooth headset, one may argue that it will not deliver sound quality as good as those hardwired ones. I am happy and proud to tell you it has an amazing sound output, it easily trumps those CDR King Ear buds and it has better quality than that of Sennheiser MX170s and A4Tech MK650. Its quality was almost identical to Note 2’s stock headset. If you are a bass head, you would definitely love this.
            Initially, I thought making a call with this would be bad as the mic is placed far from your mouth, to my surprise again, calls are loud and clear. I don’t know much about Bluetooth headsets, but I’m sure that my assumption that finding a good quality one is not easy to find.

            Another major factor for this Headset is its connectivity to virtually everything Bluetooth enabled. If you have been a follower of my blog you know would know I have quite a number of gadgets, I tested the headsets on numerous phones and laptops and BH 503 works well with EVERYTHING I tested it. I’m not exaggerating, EVERYTHING I could possibly connect to it, it connects and delivers the same great ear party every time. YES! ALL OF THE BUTTONS WORK. YES EVEN ON ANDROID PHONES. Here are the list of devices I tested it with:

Cloudfone Thrill 430g
ASUS Laptop
Nokia 6630
Nokia N86
HTC Wildfire S
Samsung Corby 2
Nokia C7
Nokia N95
Nokia C1
Nokia C3
Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy S3
Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Sony Ericsson Xperia Active
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Samsung Galaxy S2

            If that’s not many to you I don’t know what is. (It is important to note that I don’t own most of the device, they belong to my classmates <3).

            For its range, I can say it ranges to about 15 feet.


            Being a Nokia product, I have high expectations for this one; all my Nokia phones had great and amazing battery life, happy to say this one also has that same astounding feature. I purchased this headphone January 16, 2013, and up until now, January 21, 2013, I had only charged it once. The battery life is just amazing! The box’s 75 Minute Music Time on 20 Minute Charge is true.

            This Nokia BH-503 is a definitely money well spent. I only spent P600 (approx. $10-15) for this original headset (yup this is actually a second hand unit). This costs about P2000 for the original and P800 for the so-called OEM, I haven’t tested the OEMs yet, I’ll update you if I get a hold of one. Overall, this is one impressive piece of headset, hassle free music control, great sound quality, good range, good call quality, and its amazing compatibility to virually everything bluetooth enabled, everything just seemed perfect. If you would ask me if I would recommend this? I would non defiantly say YES. :D

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  1. maayos din ba tunog niyan sa myphone a919 duo? nalagyan ko ng poweramp yung akin eh, salamat :)