Sunday, April 15, 2012

N86: How Does it Fare to Today's Smartphones?

Ahhhh the mighty N86 8Mp. Nokia’s first of its 8Mp Phones with amazing Carl Zeiss Optics. And as of this time, this is arguably the best non-touch, non-qwerty phone period. Three years has passed since it has been released and a lot of 8Mp Phones have been released ever since. I have only owned one just last January as my previous phone, Nokia 5630 Xpress Music,  got broken. As I continuously searched for the new phone I happen to come across the N86. I was amazed at its features and immediately bought it. My clinchers were the 8mp Camera and its FM Transmitter function. For full specifications click on the link:

After three years of arrival I can say that the N86 still fares well against current 8Mp phones. Hands down, Iphone 4s and Galaxy S2 owns the N86 big time but with respect to Sony Ericsson’s 8Mp Phones, the N86 fights a good battle for supremacy. Sure the N86 loses on its slow processor, lack of features and no image stability function but on a shot that is still and counting out the slow processing time, it delivers lively and vibrant colors as you would least expect it.

As of now N86 sells for only about P6000 ($142). I can tell you it is cheap for a phone with a great camera with a lot of features. Keep in mind that this phone boasts 16 Million Colors in contrast to other 8mp cam phones released on the same period with only 256K colors, so its photos are surely much more vibrant. Though at this time, Android seems to be the best OS to choose because it is less expensive than Iphones and offers huge amount of FREE applications, you should bear in mind that there are already dozens of applications ready for the N86, provided that you know how to hack this phone.

In conclusion, I would still recommend the N86 8mp for those who are still interested in it. The only problem I ever faced with this app is the slow processor. When I feel bored and want to browse my pictures it is painstakingly annoying to wait for the pictures to load. Btw pics range from about 800kb-2Mb when set to 8Mp mode. If you could get pass the slow processor, and has loved the Symbian OS this is the phone for you.


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