Sunday, April 15, 2012

OEM Sennheiser IE8 REVIEW

                Good Day Everyone! After long months away from blogging, I finally had some free time. Scrapping my Random Thoughts as Blog Topics, I will reboot my blog with reviews of whatever I find or may find interesting or trending today.
                For my first review is the OEM Sennheiser IE8. A lot of you may wonder what is an OEM, well OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning they make products for others to sell or repackage.
                An original Sennheiser IE8 costs about P12000-P18000 Roughly $280-$350. Whilst an OEM Sennheiser costs on about p1500 ($35). To make things simpler let’s say these babies are fake. The posted pictures are the actual pictures of these Fakes earphones. I do not have an original set but from searching the net for original pictures you could say they did a pretty good job.  Upon inspection it would seem legit, but in my case, when I bought them, I knew they were fake because it had that distinct smell of fake products. If you have bought fake sets of Trading Cards like Yu-Gi-Oh! These are the smell that I mean. Packages include a the earphones itself, a carrying case, manuals of different language, a screw which enables you tto change bass response and a couple of those rubbery things to fit your ear.
                As mentioned earlier I have no original set of IE8, so how do I test their quality? Simple. I compared it with respect to my other two ORIGINAL Sennheiser earphones MX271 and MX170.
For IE8 Specs click the link
After using these fake earphones for about a week or two I can say that I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED! WRT to my other two Sennheisers, these babies provide Excellent Bass and Sound So Loud it is dangerous to your ears. Seriously, often times I lower the volume of my player to avoid getting my eardrums bleed. As with what I have bought the controller for bass response actually works, and you can even here even the slightest hit on the cymbals. It is just that good IMHO. At first I was hesitant to buy one as I knew it was fake. I was considering OMX series first, I don’t know why but before I knew it I already had a deal to buy one. Yes I bought it on a meet-up from a random guy. But it was well worth it. I’m not advertising but if you want a cheap set of earphones with excellent quality, I would recommend this Fake Sennheiser IE8.

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  1. Hi there,

    From where exactly did you buy it.

    Did the seller said it was a AAA grade clone?