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Nut Grinder Chronicles are about everyday things that most of us experience that make us frustrated, angry sometimes. These articles are based on personal experiences. Again, comments are welcome.

                Most students, and even professionals, use Jeepneys as means of their transportation. I could not imagine how most of us would go to school without this invention, imagine yourself hitch hiking from strangers everyday just to go to school. The man who thought about lengthening an ordinary Owner and using it as transportation was a genius.  Today, most of the vehicles on the road are for public transportation, majority being jeepneys. So why does this thing grinds my nuts? Well, it’s not actually the jeepneys but their drivers. Here are some of their nut grinders:

1.       How often have you had the misfortune of riding a jeepney that stops at every intersection waiting for a passenger? Seriously now, they would stop at every corner just to wait for a passenger, even if no one is insight. What’s worse is, when they stop on a major stop point, they wait soooooooooooo long to fill their jeep! I have experienced this kind of frustration when the jeep I rode waited for an hour to fill his jeep!  AN HOUR! Telling them to drive already only angers them and they start rambling, sometimes even yelling. And most of us just shut up and wait. I know they are just doing their job but waiting an hour? REALLY?!
2.       Overpricing. Another frustrating trait of MOST jeepney drivers. If the distance of your journey is more than 4kms, surely you have experienced overpricing. A trip from my place, Project 8, to UST should only cost P15 regular fare, and P13 Discounted. Most of the time, when I give them a P20 bill they give me P6 change, sometimes P5, the worst I received back was a P4! Even though I tell them I am a student, my words fell on deaf and greedy ears! These drivers put on their jeepneys,’ mag bayad ng tama ng hindi makarma’, ‘Bayad muna bago baba’, etc. but do they even give us the right change? My tip, give them an exact amount, and if you happen to ride a jeep that overpriced you, try paying them with 25centavo coins >: )
3.       PAGPAPARA. Not really much of a nut grinder but still, missing your stop is frustrating, especially when it frequently happens to you. Time and again, I am dropped at the second gate when my stop is at the first. I would not blame the driver if he yells when a passenger tries to get off at a wrong stop, my point is how come when we say BAYAD PO, you hear us and not when we say PARA.
Well, those are the things that anger me about jeepney drivers.  Stay tuned for more XD


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