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Nokia N8! The Super Late Review!

Nokia N8!
The Super Late Review!

            When cellular phones came out most, if not all, of us wanted to want one for ourselves. The first phone I had a chance to hold was those bulky Smart Phones, Smart as in Smart the Telecommunications Company. I was not particularly intrigued as I was at a young age back then. The first Cellphone I saw Bosch phone, it had the technology still alive today which is SMS, it had a small screen and it looked similar to a beeper. Unfortunately, I have no idea what it was called. Then came the Giant Nokia, the forgotten 5210 maybe the phone which most of us first saw but already forgotten, it was a trimmed down Smart Phone and it was the phone which paved the way for Nokia’s reign for the subsequent years. The clinching feature? The Game Snake! I may not have any idea how to use a phone back then but I knew how to navigate it to play Snake. Finally at year 2003, I had my very first phone, and it was none other than the all-time favourite Nokia 3310! Back then I did nothing but text my friends and play Space Impact, I was content with it even though at that time phones like 7650 and 6600 were the popular ones and Nokia still dominated the Cellphone arena. If you want to know more about the phones I had and subsequent adventures wait for my Phones throughout my Life blog.

Fast tracking to 2010, it was the start of Nokia’s inevitable decline as Android was coming and iOS was much more entertaining. Back then I had a 5630 but I was deeply in awe with Nokia’s futile pushes in N8. Its design was amazing and it was arguably the best touchscreen phone back then. Ever since, I wanted to have one and finally after three long years, I finally have one! (Though this is just a second hand unit from a deceptive seller.) 

Every now and then we do something crazy ad stupid to spice up our life and this purchase maybe one I will remember for all time. Since I like to look on the brighter side of things, even though I see no lighter side in this one, I came out with the idea to write a review about this phone and try it for a week! So without further delay, I think I kept you long enough, here is the Nokia N8 Review! 3 Years after conception!
NOTE: This review is based from Personal Experience with the phone. This is a dream phone of mine so expect a lot of bias.

1. THE PACKAGE (10 out of 10)

1.1 The BOX and Contents

Out of all the phones I have ever tried in my entire life and in no way am me exaggerating, Nokia N8 has the best package! The box includes your standard staples like Manuals, Headset, USB Cable and Charger but it does not stop there as the package also includes an HDMI and a USB OTG! The inclusion of such package is a big plus! From a different point of view, you can perceive Nokia is going all out with this phone!
Sadly for me, I only got a UNIT ONLY package. SAD.

2. PHONE SUPERFICIALITY (10 out of 10)

As mentioned earlier, I was at complete awe with this phone back then and I still am today, though my unit may not reflect my excitement. THANKS A LOT SCUMBAG! Anger aside, Nokia N8 looks fat by today’s standard but it still has that exquisite high end feel into it. The 12MP Camera is its best Eye Catcher. It has a non-removable battery so it has flaps on the sides for MicroSD and Sim card with the volume rocker, locker and Camera shutter on the other side. There are plenty of colors to choose from and that’s another +1! Most phones today either come in Black or White, ehem iPhone. The build and materials are not too shabby either.
Overall, I think this phone had a lot of work exerted on its design and I think it’s still one of the best looking phones today.



3.1 Display (8.3 out of 10)

            Nokia N8 has an nHD AMOLED screen so you can expect good amount of saturation and Display. Though it has a measly 360x640 resolution, it does not look that bad. It actually compares well to some low-ranged branded phones and mid-ranged rebranded phones. As of today, N8 will have trouble competing in terms of display as the technological rush is just phenomenal. I also have here a 2010 HTC Google Nexus One and I will have to give the better display to Nokia N8.

3.2 Multimedia (7.7 out of 10)

Nokia has a knack for Music Playback which can be observed with their line of Xpress Music which, in my experience, does deliver better audio than other phones. Nokia N8 may not be an Xpress phone but it has fared well against today’s phones. The audio quality is great, and the headset included is also great. Using my staple Griffin Caps, it delivered amazing audio output which definitely trumps most rebranded phones out there. Ehem Cherry Mobile. The stock Music Player can probably still pack a punch against today’s branded phones as it features a Loudening and Stereo Widening mode which greatly amplifies music playback. Barring Note 2 and Xperia Z, Nokia N8 still holds a good ground on music department.

As for Video Playback, this maybe its Achilles Heel as the video codec of this phone is very limited, sometimes it plays AVI sometimes it does not, as with my experience, for the first six hours, I could not predict whether what I put will be played or be rejected. Unlike Android, which has MX Player Pro to fill your video gaps, I don’t think N8 has a solution, if it does I’m sure it’s hard to find as Google is not really much help.

Another weak spot of this phone is its browser. Symbian has had critical reception with its unenjoyable browsing experience brought by an uninspired browser. Browsing is a no-no in this phone. Though I do find a use for its horrible browser but you have to stay tuned for the day by day N8 Review.

3.3 Camera (10 out of 10)

This shouldn’t even be asked, N8 has the best camera back then and though there are tons better now, it undeniable that it still fares well against today’s Giants. With respect to rebranded phones, Nokia N8 sweeps the floor and takes them to the cleaners, I’m not exaggerating, and it’s just that good! I will post pictures every day for you to appreciate Nokia N8’s supremacy in the Camera department.
I have to point out as good as N8 can be, this can never be used for Stolen Shots! Why? That damn infrared light always lights up even though the flash is off.

3.4 Gaming (7.9 out of 10)

About a decade ago, having a Symbian system means having a hot gaming system. Gameloft was the way to go as it was the best producers. As of Today, there are still a huge number of games available on the Nokia N8, with new ones being released every now and then but the new releases are just rip-offs like the ‘TEMPLE RUN 2’ on the picture. Make no mistake, its one hell of a gaming machine back then but today, it’s nothing special.

3.5 Speed/User Friendliness/OS (8.0 out of 10)

Nokia N8 runs the Dead Symbian OS, at initial launch it was released with a buggy S60 but Anna and Belle gave it life and better equipment against Androids and iOS phones. Back then N8 was probably the smoothest phone and the 680 MHz Processor and 256MB RAM was to die for. Coming off a huge number of phones, there is no denying that the technology in this phone, even though it was only been about three years, is way past its prime. Expect to experience a lot of lag if ever you want to try this one yourself.

As for user-friendliness, this one definitely shows why it’s dead now. Although it functions well as an ordinary phone, it does not have the feel of freedom. Sure you can hack it, but it’s always risky to do such stuff especially when there is a few to none help when you brick your phone. The amount of apps and games for this one is also very limited unless you hack your phone and unlike today’s Android, it cannot be customized as deeply as you may wish as Symbian is not as open as Android. Sure you can say iOS is also wall-gardened but the support and apps for that OS is about a hundred times bigger.

Finally, telephony and messaging can be a pain to some. As of today, most, if not all, of us prefer a QWERTY keyboard, you can see from this device how abysmal and annoying that experience is. The keys are tiny and there is no way to calibrate the stock keyboard. Of course there is an option to use the alphanumeric keypad which is the smart thing to do. The dialer is an upgraded version of your yesteryear’s Nokia Phone. Call quality is good.

3.6 Battery (9.7 out of 10)

            Another stronger suit of Nokia. N8 has an amazing battery life, with almost two hours of video playback, the battery barely dropped. Sadly, if you leave a game open and you don’t exit it eats up your battery like hot knife through butter, the barely nudged battery dropped to about 40% after leaving the game on inside my pocket. Bummer. The battery will still be stress tested so stay tuned!

3.6 Miscellaneous

            Hmmm so what does N8 offer that its predecessors did not? From my experience over the past years, N8 was the first useable touchscreen phone I tried and it deserves praise for that. The package is fit for a last push at the top but Symbian’s death was still inevitable. If you are looking for a phone that can play videos and music along with an excellent camera look no further than Nokia N8.



            I don’t care if Nokia released a Pureview 808; I believe N8 is their Final Symbian Flagship! Why? Personally, because 808 were released when Symbian was dead, I think it was a wrong move for them to have released it, but what do I know about business. I believe N8 is the last because it had potential to keep the OS alive. Sadly, as mentioned numerous times already, its death did come.
            For a three year old phone, you can see how much technology has evolved, the laggy between screens and the continuous improvements on display just continues to amaze. As for functionality, it offers what you need for your everyday life like Texts, Calls, Music, Videos and the occasional Camera, but I don’t think it can give you the same satisfaction as Android and Apple.
            Nokia N8 was my dream phone back then, and now that I have it I still think it’s great but it does not have the oomph to make me want to keep it for too long. I only use this phone today as a travel phone.

            After having the worst scam and deal of my life, I accepted the fact that this will be a charge to experience type of things. And since I’m a jolly optimistic handsome person, I decide to do a little experiment called the Symbian Experience.

            As the name implies I will be using Nokia N8 as my primary travel phone, the previous was the wonderful HTC Google Nexus One. I will be using the Nokia N8 for the whole week and see if Symbian may still have an impact on our life today, and I want to see how much I am going to Miss Android too. I will still use my Galaxy Note 2 but only for calls and text, the rest is up to Nokia N8! Can my ex-dream phone compare with my current powerhouse? Find out on the succeeding entries on my blog!

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